Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nate Melhorn

I spoke to Nate Melhorn after the tribute to his father Daniel Melhorn, 53 and Marc Neumeyer, 56 was erected. He was and should be proud of his billboard but wants more. He paid $2,000.00 for a one month tribute in the hopes that others will realize the importance of safety.

"They are making the roads safe for others so we should make the roads safe for them. I want to speak face to face to the governor because the phone calls don't cut it."

He also explained the billboard wasn't just for Daniel and Marc but for the others that have been lost in the area . He just can't believe more isn't being done when this has happened before. He is geared up to make a difference so Watch Out Wisconsin! If Nate can do this what can Wisconsin do for Nate and the workers?

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