Monday, March 12, 2007

Invitation to call sheilabug1

I went to view the comments after Melissa informed me of the comment section. One of the Individuals ask us to call her and I think that is a great idea. Why not give her a call and tell her what you all think? Her comment is below.

"I live in Harlan County, Ky. My husband is a retired, disabled coal miner. You should have notified the county so that the regular coal miners and their families could let you know how they really feel about Melissa Lee and her crusade to speak for all coal miners in Harlan. Anyone who works in a coal mine knows the risks they are taking and so do their families. They take that risk because they either love the mines or they love the money they can make. You should have asked Mrs. Lee if she is so heartbroken why did she remarry so quickly after her husbands death? That is the reason the mines quit sending her a check. That is the real reason she started her crusade. If you would like to speak to a coal miner, call my husband at 606-574-9988. Thank you."
Posted by sheilabug1 at 10:33 PM : Mar 11, 2007

This Number belongs to
Johnson, Carlos
45 Holiday Dr
Harlan, KY 40831

Just for the record this was my online comment.

sheilabug1-Well if Jimmy Lee wasn't a regular coal miner then what the hell was he doing there? Sounds to me as if you have nothing better do but gossip about things you have no clue about.
Grow a heart you still have your husband disabled or not. Melissa has children to raise without a father which rather she chose to remarry or not is none of your business she has every right and I happen to know that is a load of horse stuff she is still single. It is sad to see a woman has no motherly instinct that%u2019s what is wrong with this world today.
The tongue is sharper than a two edge sword and if it were for myself I would ignore your childish comment however it is not and someone needs to stand up to bullies like you.

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Mary said...

To all who were upset by the soulless comments left by sheilabug1

Let me first point out the obvious this is a very sick, sick woman who is lacking so much from her own life that she chooses to inflict pain on someone like Melissa who has more compassion in her little finger than sheilabug1 has in her entire being. sheilabug1 and her kind are the exact reason people have such a hard time comprehending just how difficult it is to get the word out. The fact that sheilabug1 mentioned that her husband was both disabled/injured and retired can only lead one to believe his disability/injuries led to his retirement. If this is in fact the case sheilabug1 has just demonstrated how the victims and even their family's are being on some level forced to believe that being hurt or killed on the job is something that is acceptable or just an unfortunate part of the job. Which couldn't be any further from the truth. Its very disturbing to me to see the unjust attacks from those who allow themselves to be bought off or broken down by corporate greed to those who take a stand with the intent on making a difference. If nothing else comes from my response I would hope that it has shown Melissa that one
nut jobs lie can take away from the fact that Melissa is a strong and remarkable person who is doing what is right. No employer has the right to put our loved ones in danger And people like Melissa are the ones who hold the power to make a difference to allow our loved ones the right to a safe workplace.

On a more personal not Melissa if you are reading this the only way for sheilabug1 comment has the power to hurt you is if you let it. There is no point in trying to change her beliefs or allow her a second more of thought Take pity on her. And move forward as the only power she could ever have over you is allowing her the satisfaction of believing her thoughtless words have been in part responsible fro steering you off your path. I am so proud of you Melissa!
Mary Vivenzi
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For Workplace Fatalities
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