Saturday, March 10, 2007

Melissa Lee talks to 60 Minutes

Speak Out! Reach Out!

Melissa is on a mission.

When family members ban together it is amazing what they can accomplish.

The first step is awareness. We lose about 6,000 family members a year due to negligence. Even if they only have three close families that means 18,000 families grieve this type of loss every year. There is strength in numbers and we need to ban together to make a difference.

I realize that some have been in litigation and cannot speak about the exact incident however they can speak out and reach out. They can reach out to other families with this type of loss and they can help others trying to make a real change. Melissa you go girl!

Qoutes from Mellisa "I was receiving phone calls, blocked calls, out-of-area phone calls, making ugly comments that I need to shut up, that I talk too much," Lee tells Simon. "They don't give their names. I have men calling and saying, 'You know your kids catch the bus right down here below your driveway." ..... "There's too many people still here in Harlan County who have husbands underground. And if me speaking out keeps their sons safe, their grandsons safe, their son-in-laws safe, then I've done something good. My husband's death wasn't in vain."

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