Monday, June 25, 2007

College of the Mainland


What An Awesome Group!

The College of the Mainland has raised approximately $120,000 in matching scholarship funds. With only one week left for donations they are in need of the matching remainder of million funds.

Kathryn and Randy had a benefit raffle and fishing tournament this past Saturday that brought in approximately $4,500 in funds

Eva and Brent have been very supportive, instrumental, and have both donated to the fund in the amount of $50,000 each.

College of the Mainland endowment starting immediately 10 scholarships in memory of all 15 loved ones who lost their lives on March 23rd.

For donation information

Just A Reminder

Kathryn Rodriguez and her family placed the billboard in front of BP after their loss.

Eva Rowe lost her mother and father at at BP & Brent Coon has stuck with Eva and the family's to bring out truth, healing and change. view video's here

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Katherine Rodriguez said...

Thank you Tammy for all your help! This has truly been a long but yet rewarding road. I can't wait to see these scholarships go to deserving students entering the field of safety for all workers.

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