Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Steve still speaks!

Steve was 56 years old and lived Gambier, Ohio. In 2003 Kokosing Construction Co. buried him alive. No comapany trench death should ever be considered if there isn't a trench box or shore then there is no excuce and they should be sent imediatly to the justice department.

Not only is common but the fact that they are allowed to get away with amazes me.
Saying it was Steve's fault is nothing new and they should be ashamed the man can't even defend himself. The government has not been any help in this case they have supported the company by the same old paper push.

Well Steve deserves a voice. Steve's family deserves a voice.

So Steve this one is for you!


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jason Heilpern said...

Hey Great stuff! I just taught a class the other day to my supervisors about what the effects of a fatality in our workplace would be. I will be passing your site along to them. Thanks so much for what you do!

ps Is there any way I could have my site added to your blogroll?


Ruby said...

I came across this by mistake & I must say that it really makes me ill to think that this guy devoted his life to the company & they turned thier backs on him and the family when he was killed. How can you do this? For those of you that seen what happened & turned your back I hope you can't sleep at night!!! They say what goes around comes around and some day you will pay when you meet your maker. Most of you are so fake & two faced I just hope you can live with yourselves. God know I wouldn't want to be your friend or work with you. Someday you will pay believe me you will.............

Tammy said...

Yes, it is sad. Profit before people seems to be common place, but as i have said many times. It is the employers, governments and our responciblity. Because if we don't push the government they dont push the employer.

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