Monday, August 20, 2007

BP Billboard Watch!

None of us will forget Katherine's first billboard last year and we should all take time to remember her families losses and efforts for others who have had to deal with this type of tragedy. She has been working hard raising funds for scholarships at the Collage of Mainland to remember the 15 killed at BP.

The billboard's address is at the corner of Texas Ave and 33rd street in Texas City, TX. This is approximately one block from the BP Texas City plant main entrance.

"My Father was hurt along with a fellow co-worker at the BP Texas City plant, on September 2, 2004. Leonard Maurice Moore, Jr. passed away September 3, and Raymundo C. Gonzalez on November 12. I hold the date of their deaths as family days. Those are the days that we honor them as a family, however the date of the accident is the date that I want everyone in our community to be reminded of for years to come."


Anonymous said...

God Bless you for your continuing efforts to honor the memory of your loved one's as well as the memories of others who have been killed on the job. Will will not forget.

Mary Vivenzi (707)-795-0783
United Support & Memorial
For Workplace Fatalities
web site ~
Email ~
"One with a voice that does not protest an injustice
is an accomplice to it."

Ignorance is more intelligent than undeveloped knowledge.

Anonymous said...

As Katherine's Mom, pride is just a drop in the bucket of the love we feel ... her strenght and promise to her dad and for us, her family has been our strong source to to honor Ray , Maurice and Robert Kemp who was the third injured in this senseless accident and has since returned to work . I so admire love Robert and Sue, their family, they too are good people, this man return to work like all out there who have no choice but to provide for his family.
Randy has also been such great sense of strenght,love and comfort, along Katherine's side to to honor Ray, Maurice and Robert .. so this loss and harm done was not and will not be forgottten !!
How lucky could Ray and I have been to have this man as our son...
But along with Katherine she has three other sisters, who carrying a promise to their dad and that's to finish their education. Because knowledge was important to their Dad.
I like to Thank Tammy, her words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers plus our girls meeting her brought my family and I,comfort,a light and direction. She's soooo good people too! Thank You Tammy!!!
Bless You!
Mary Gonzalez

Tammy said...


You are one of the strongest mothers I have ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with and too be honest one of the few families who have stuck together trough all of the grief and turmoil. Ray and you done a wonderful job of raising your children and to me that has to be the best legacy anyone can leave behind.
I thought you might like to know that every time your family’s billboard goes up I get a surge in newsletter sign ups so it is not going unnoticed!
There have had to keep the families in mind many times in order to plug away at times and you all's kind comments keep me going. So Thank you for the kind words and thoughts I absolutely love your family and I wanted to congratulate you on the soon to be addition! Please send me pictures ;o)
Give my love to everyone and God bless you all!

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