Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Many Causalities did 911 Really Have?

We are still The House Education and Labor Committee Hearing

The hearing will cover the following questions:
1) What lessons were learned and how can the lessons be applied?
2) Who were responsible for worker protection?
3) When will this country provide for the long-term care for the workers?
4) Why didn’t government clearly communicate the?
5) Are OSHA standards adequate?
6) Did OSHA chose not to enforce its safety and health standards?
7) Are OSHA regulations more effective than offering advice?
8) Are standards adequate?
9) Is the City of New York responsible for the rescue and recovery?
10) Is City of New York responsible for workplace safety?
11) Why didn’t the Department of Homeland Security draft given mare importance to Worker?

"Why Weren't 9/11 Recovery Workers Protected at the World Trade Center?"

Click here to watch archived hearing webcast »

Chairman Miller's Opening Statement »

Witness Testimony:

Freddy Cordero »
World Trade Center Recovery Worker

Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc »

Professor and Chairman
Department of Community & Preventive Medicine
Mt. Sinai Medical Center
New York

Patricia Clark »
Regional Administrator
OSHA Region II
New York

Brian A. Jackson, Ph.D. »

Associate Director
Homeland Security Program
RAND Corporation

Dr. James Melius »
NYS Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund

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