Wednesday, September 12, 2007

USW and IBCTV to Use Cutting Edge Technology to Create Virtual Courtroom Experience

Website to Provide Video & Documents from BP Texas City Explosion Trial

GALVESTON, Texas -The United Steel Workers (USW) have partnered with IBCTV to recreate the BP Texas City explosion trial courtroom experience online and available to anyone 24/7 at

For the first time in history the media and general public will be able to watch interactive trial highlights and review the documents and exhibits that will be woven directly into the video. To create this realistic experience, IBCTV will review the video stream daily and receive transcript and evidence directly from the courtroom at the end of each day. This will include video of the explosion overlaid with the actual 911 calls and BP radio transmissions from within the refinery.
The trial centers around four injury lawsuits alleging that on March 23, 2005, BP operated its Texas City, Texas refinery with gross negligence and violated federal, state, industry and even its own safety standards that led to the explosion. The explosion caused hundreds of injuries and 15 deaths. Though a large percentage of the seven million pages of documents obtained and released to the public by the plaintiffs’ attorney Brent Coon of Brent Coon & Associates, additional documents not approved for public viewing will be presented during the course of the trial.

Jay Jackson, president of IBCTV stated, “This is how people want to watch trials. Candidly, trial proceedings put people to sleep. It is our goal to make this experience as intriguing and fast paced as possible.”

To that end, IBCTV will offer visitors various interactive features such as blogs, ‘Ask a Question’, the ability to search by date, name, document, and other on demand menus. This is the same technology that was to be used in November 2006 when the USW partnered with IBCTV to broadcast the Eva Rowe case, which was settled the day the trial was to begin.
“The USW strongly believes that its 850,000 members have a right to see the safety processes taken and not taken by the petroleum industry in its refineries. Process safety management is not only the USW’s concern, it is everyone’s concern. What happened at the BP Texas City refinery should never happen again,” added Gary Beevers, an international vice president for the USW. “The USW requested Mr. Jackson and his team to bring their vision and technology to our belief that the truth about BP and the Texas City explosion needs to be shown to our members and the public at large. We selected the IBCTV team because they are pioneering this technology and approach.”

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