Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Senator's Mine Disaster Family Assistance Act

Sentator Murry feels it is important for families of a workplace death to have a voice she states, "It is critically important that family members who have experienced similar tragedies in the past have a voice in deciding how families in the future are cared for after an incident, and this bill accomplishes that."

The Senator's Mine Disaster Family Assistance Act establishes family care and support programs for mining families.

Senator Murry wants:
  1. MSHA to put concerns of the accident victim’s family first.
  2. Mine operators to develop a disaster family assistance plan that must be approved by MSHA.
  3. A task force to provide MSHA with additional recommendations on how to support families during mining disasters.
Please view the Bill Summary

Also view the Crandall Canyon Hearing: Chairman George Miller Below

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