Thursday, November 08, 2007

Awards Luncheon

Liz Borkowski posted an article about the APHA’s Occupational Health & Safety Section annual awards luncheon on The Pump Handle.

I was able to finally meet Liz and many others I have read about, emailed and/or spoken to, it was like meeting long lost relatives. I am still worn out and wonder how the many others managed to stay a week or more, but it was well worth it and a great learning experience.

Dr. David Parker. author of stolen Dreams was there with a slide show and book signing as was Les Leopold with his book The Life and times of Tony Mazzocchi. I did receive Les Leopold's book thanks to Roger Cook and it had a wonderful inscription. Thank you Roger Cook and Les Leopold! I will get you all more information on both of these books later.

Awards were given to:
Celeste Monforton won the Lorin Kerr Award.
Jonathan Rosen and Tammy Miser were winners of the Tony Mazzocchi Award.
Rosie Sokas won the Alice Hamilton Award.
Jagdish Patel won the International Award.

I will probably write more about it all when the newsletter comes out so for now check out a few of our mugs and what Liz had to say.

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