Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Injured Workers And Their Advocates

Injured Workers And Their Advocates To Challenge Sacramento Area Congressman Lundgren

Injured worker advocates and the Sandi Strend, the mother of an injured worker from Davis, California will be challenging Republican Congressman Dan Lundgren to have Congressional Hearings in Davis, California on the massive cost shifting by the insurance industry to the local, state and Federal government of the costs of taking care of injured workers.

Sandi Strend will be testifying about the fungus infection her son David received at Agraquest in Davis, California and the refusal of Agraquest and the insurance carrier to take care of her son.

Dina Padilla, an injured worker advocate and candidate for Congress in Lundgren's district will also ask for an explanation of why he refuses to expose this massive insurance fraud scam and also why he has refused to call for investigations and hearings.

Endorsed by California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day

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