Thursday, November 29, 2007

LabourStart's Plea of the Week &Vote for Website of the Year

Union takes on Ford - calls for help

Workers assembling the Ford Focus at a plant near St. Petersburg have been on strike since 20 November -- a rare event in a country where most strikes are of very limited duration. They are demanding that Ford negotiate their wages and conditions, but Ford is refusing to do so. Instead they've reacted by escalating the conflict, leading to the injury of one worker by police. Ford does recognize unions in many countries -- probably in your country -- so it's especially important to put pressure on the global management of the company. The same rights to trade union representation that are enjoyed by Ford workers in the USA, Canada, Britain and elsewhere should be enjoyed by the workers in St. Petersburg.
Click here to send on your message to Ford -- and please: forward this email message on to your fellow union members!

Support port workers

We've also had an appeal from dock workers in New Zealand, who are protesting the decision by management at the Port of Napier to contract out container stevedoring to an anti-union operator. Please click here to send a message of protest to the Port.

Labour Website of the Year 2008

It's that time of year again -- voting will soon begin for the 11th annual Labour Website of the Year. This year, we're asking readers to nominate their favorite union websites. The nominations will be reviewed by LabourStart's volunteer correspondents and a shortlist prepared. Only people who are on this mailing list will be able to vote. To nominate your site, click here. To invite your friends and co-workers onto the mailing list (so that they can vote) click here. Thanks - and good luck.

If you don't know who to vote for I have a good suggestion

I spoke to Allan Mc Dougall of USW and they have a wonderful program that will be online
soon. Allan has
has headed up the Emergency Response Team (ERT) in the US. The brief is:
  • An 1800 number to call if there is an injury and fatality.
  • ERT Health and safety committee trains local members to deal with the tough issues and how to deal and find resources needed such as: counseling, legal representation, contracts, funeral arrangements and a 6 month follow up.
  • ERT also has a list of organizations they collaborate with such as united way and hospice
  • USW hopes to have an individual from each local trained, qualified, and geared up by September.
*Just a note ERT fights for members as well as management which is absolutely awesome. One loss is as devastating as another. This may be a sore spot for some however the work of Labor should be about the people no matter class or creed. Spread the Love.

Three thumbs up for USW and their wonderful work!

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