Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Health Care & Longterm Exposers

The Environmental Working Group, ANA, Health Care Without Harm and the Environmental Health Education Center at the University of Maryland School of Nursing released results of an on-line national survey of nurses and chemical exposures.

Nationally more than 1,500 nurses were surveyed. The survey indicates that there is an association between the health care providers longterm exposers to hazardous drugs, chemicals and other agents (such as latex) and the overall health of the heath care provider and their children.

The report shows "increased rates of asthma, miscarriage, and certain cancers, as well as increases in cancers and birth defects, in particular musculoskeletal defects, in their children. There are workplace safety standards for only six of the hundreds of hazardous substances to which nurses are exposed on the job."
  • It also recommends the government conduct a long-term, national survey and establish mandatory limits .
  • Those responsible for existing, broad studies of nurses' health should collect data on occupational exposures and replace hazardous materials.
  • Nurses and Patients push facilities reduce a hospital or other health care facility's use of hazardous materials.
I you know anyone in health care this is a great resource so pass it along!

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