Thursday, December 13, 2007

LabourStart's Favorite Union Site

Today you can start voting for your Favorite Union Site

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Families Chose This Year!

Just a note ERT fights for members as well as management which is absolutely awesome. One loss is as devastating as another. This may be a sore spot for some however the work of Labor should be about the people no matter class or creed. Spread the Love.

The Labour Website of the Year, sponsored by LabourStart, is a competition held every year since 1997. Trade union websites from around the world compete and individual union members vote online to decide which is the very best union website.
With help from Allan Mc Dougall of USW they now have a program ERT (Emergency Response Team). Online content contains:

History and Function of the ERT Program
Purpose and Mission
Contact Us
Behavioral Changes and Patterns Following A traumatic Event
Common Responses to Trauma
Symptoms to Watch for with Trauma Victims
Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Positive Coping Actions
Positive Lifestyle Changes to Coping
Recognizing and Dealing with Traumatic Stress Reactions
Making Personal Lifestyle Changes to Deal with Stress
Negative Coping Actions

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