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Paula Dean H&L

Nope I didn't mean H&S this time it is not a misprint. Seems Paula has either a love hate relations ship with all there is no between. I have been watching this movement for some time and can't stand it any longer. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the area where the tar hill plant is located however there is not a lot of work in the area and Smithfield is one of only a few prospects. The sad thing is most employers who have bad safety records and bad attitude know this and that's why they chose these areas.

Now how does Paula Dean fit in? I have to say I do admire her a bit she has been through a lot and came out on top. However I have lost respect for her in a huge way. I am a visual person a person who can put their self in someone else's shoe. So I know why Paula had chose to push this aside so to speak. Hell she is finally in a good place, comfortable, well known, loved by many, and successful in life as well as at home. The thought of loosing just a little would be difficult.
But what I have to ask Paula is..Is it worth it? I realize Paula is not responsible for Smithfield's actions or lack there of and it is possible that if Paula did speak up that she wouldn't have her partner. How much damage would it really be? Smithfield already has some unions in the states. You don't have to even endorse the union if you choose not to but endorse the people. My God you have been their I really don't care if you feel this is not your forte; it's not politics it is people, families, children; its the American Dream the vary same one you worked so hard for.

Just a few listed cases at Smithfield:
  • Denise Walker - Sexually harassed by management at Smithfield, then fired after missing work for medical reasons.
  • Paul Bruce - Fired from Smithfield after taking time off for chemotherapy. He and his family lost everything, including their house.
  • Vanessa McCloud - Fired and denied workers' compensation after a back injury left her unable to work.
  • Valeria Luisa Rivera - Fired on a pretext she could not work with a swollen arm.
  • Abel Cervantes Permanently disabled after an accident in the plant, and then denied workers' compensation.
  • Evarildo Lopez - Fired after being injured on the job; denied Workers' Compensation.
  • Maria Angelica Rodriguez - Injured on the job, threatened with termination for seeing her doctor, fighting for her rights on the job.
  • Angelica Pisano - The temperature in her work area is so extreme, she often becomes sick with a cough and cold.
Other reports of women loosing their babies, no bathroom brakes and death. Not just due to an incident. Do your research.

Paula it seems to me with your experience you would understand that along with our looks all else fades. There will be a time when Smithfield no longer needs you. Ultimately in the end who will be by your side? The friends you have made because of your money? What can you truly say you have done to make the world a better place? How did you use your resources? What will you tell the Big Man in the sky? Think about the struggles you had and who was there for you or did you forget about those.

Paula here is a look at both sides

I don't really have the time to place all the information I have gathered but I am concerned that
Smithfield has eliminated most competition, meaning the farmers have been bought out, pushed out or forces to sell for far less than it is worth.

PROOF-Smithfield raises hogs under its Murphy-Brown subsidiary the largest hog producer in the world, and each year Smithfield raises 14.2 million directly-owned hogs for slaughter, as well as another 1.4 million hogs that are produced under joint ventures." In the U.S., Smithfield raises approximately 53% of the hogs it processes, and internationally the percentage is even higher almost two thirds of the hogs slaughtered by Smithfield are company-owned. Did you know that they have bought out hog farmers by first portraying to help them with the farm. Once the farmers realize they have been roasted it's to late and they loose the farm. Do your research

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