Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Voluntary Ergonomics Standard.

Seems to me repetitive movement is repetitive movement but a few (30) commercial and residential builder trade groups must feel this rule shouldn't apply to them. These trade groups initiated a new appeal against the (American National Standards Institute’s) ANSI voluntary ergonomics standard.

The trade groups feel they are being picked on, "They say the committee that voted 76 percent in favor of the standard did not represent a consensus because it was stacked with pro-ergonomic members." They also claim the process was imperfect "fatal procedural deficiencies", and "are so contentious they do not lend themselves to the development of consensus standards."

So my question is why don't they take it upon themselves to improve upon the standard instead of cutting it out? Why is it that with all the Attorneys and specialist they have they can't just get with the program and insist on completely tearing it down? Humm maybe they are afraid the G's won't stack high enough.

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