Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello Tammy and all at USMWF,

Hello Tammy and all at USMWF,

Just wanted to let you know we're still fighting for worker's safety, remembering those who die on the job and supporting the Protecting America's Workers Act. Here are the videos that were in ABC News NOW's coverage of the State of the Union. These videos are also featured on ABC News NOW's homepages & related items on the ABC News Politics pages. Thanks for checking it out.
Take care!
Michelle Lewis

I'm so proud of my peeps!

Watch Michelle...asking the President to address the unsafe working conditions, week laws and support the Protecting Americas Workers Act and later Michelle asks "when we will have a President who works together with the government to protect American workers."

Talk Back: 2008 State of the Union
Eight avid viewers discuss what issues the President should focus on.

Talk Back: State of the Union Reactions
Allie, Michelle, Scott and Melinda review the President's speech.

I have been sitting here just trying to think of something to write and all I keep coming up with is I'm just proud. Proud to know Michelle and know she is out there doing all she can to make a difference for families she don't even know. Michelle is not sitting back waiting for an opportunity she is making opportunity. I know it's not much from us all here but the big thumbs up to you and keep up the good work.

One day all of our puzzle pieces will fit together, people will see the full picture and we'll have done it but it takes all the pieces so don't hold back we need your piece to be complete.

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Anonymous said...

There are no words to define how very proud we all are of you Michelle. As you continue to inspire others to fight the good fight along side you

Mary Vivenzi
United Support & Memorial
For Workplace Fatalities

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