Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Few Projects

We are working on a few different projects that you may want to get involved in:

We are working on our yearly Workers Memorial Day Event List. If you have an event please send us your event details so that we may post them on a master list. It is imperative that we have these posted so that family members from surrounding areas may be able to attend if they visit the site or get the newsletter.

We have a new You tube Channel located here ( ) with a new agenda. The purpose of this channel is to make others aware of what your doing, what you want changed, make others aware of WMD, and show our government that we are serious and have the numbers to back it up.

Any individual and organizations are encouraged to send in your 2 to 3 minute video.
Videos may contain:
* Personal Message
* Event details
* What events have meant to you.
* How you were involved in events.
* What you want to see changes in H&S.
* What family rights you want changed.
* How Your loss has effected your life.
* These are just a few basic ideas but you are not limited to these.

Please note there are no videos as of yet. I will try to work on one this weekend. But anyone can be first;o)

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