Friday, February 29, 2008

Give The Gift Of Life

Part of H&S is making sure that we have what we need when we need it. I have no real statistic on how much blood is used due to workplace injuries illness however it is an important aspect in saving lives. Not only is giving blood important but giving platelets is essential. It takes a little longer but in just a few hours you can truly save a life.

No need to know your blood type because you will find out when you go to give your gift. Just make an appointment, show up with your drivers license and in joy the free snacks and peace and quiet. Heck take nap.

There is a shortage of Type A Platelets in St. Louis, MO. I was made aware of this issue when a wonderful women I know and is loved by many in the H&S realm went in for a treatment and had to wait for a donor. If you feel you can't give platelets please give blood. It truly is saving a life. If you can only imagine taking a loved on in only to be turned down or your loved one hurt at the workplace and not having the needed blood supply.

Below are a few facts from Blood Centers of the Pacific
  • If only one more percent of all Americans would give blood, blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future.
  • If all blood donors gave three times a year, blood shortages would be a rare event (The current average is about two.).
  • Blood centers often run short of types O and B red blood cells.

Blood Cells

Blood Cells Are Produced In Marrow - Red cells, white cells and platelets are made in the marrow of bones, especially the vertebrae, ribs, hips, skull and sternum. These essential blood cells fight infection, carry oxygen and help control bleeding.

Plasma Carries Blood Cells -Plasma is a pale yellow mixture of water, proteins and salts. One of the functions of plasma is to act as a carrier for blood cells, nutrients, enzymes and hormones.

Red Cells Deliver Oxygen - Red cells are disc-shaped cells containing hemoglobin, which enables the cells to pick up and deliver oxygen to all parts of the body.

White Cells Defend The Body - White cells are the body's primary defense against infection. They can move out of the blood stream and reach tissues being invaded.

Platelets Help Control Bleeding - Platelets are small cells in the blood that control bleeding. They form clusters to plug small holes in blood vessels and assist in the clotting process.

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