Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just some updates!

Just some more of Halliburton's BS.

What is just as appalling is that Jamie will never have an opportunity to hold her rapists or her employers accountable in a court of law. Her employment contract, like millions of other Americans, includes a Binding Mandatory Arbitration clause. So instead of having her day in court, she'll be forced into a privatized justice system with no public record.

Mcwane, Mcwane, Mcwane!

Alabama Department of Environmental Management fines Anniston company $100,000

"McWane spokeswoman Michelle Clemon said the incident was self-reported and that the company took corrective action to make sure it would not happen again."

I'm sure this statement makes the family feel much better, thanks Mcwane@%^%$^*, but then again it wasn't about the loss of life was it?

The company ultimately took responsibility for a safety violation that led to the death of 27-year-old Reginald Elston, who was working at a conveyor belt that ran without a required safety guard.

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