Saturday, May 03, 2008

Laura Flanders & Radio Nation

Laura Flanders writer and host for Radio Nation and Air America had ask Esther Kaplan writer of The Nation and I if we would be willing to be a guest on her program. It was a new experience for me and nothing from the norm since everything I do is new. You can listen here

Of course I had to get past the butterflies and knowing I certainly do not have a radio voice but Laura and Esther were wonderful and of course experienced so next to myself they were radio Gods but for the families in retrospect it was a very good experience. So one more experience to help you all with if you come across this opportunity.

More importantly the Workers Memorial Day was a focus and has brought some attention to both the families and H&S. Awareness is a must if things are ever expected to change and that means everyone has to do their part, if there is an opportunity now matter how big or small take it. Inform and educate any one and everyone because not everyone has your knowledge, remember there was a time when we had no clue and we have no right to complain that nothing is being done unless we are willing to act.

Also I wanted to bring up an issue that has arisen on more than one occasion.
I have on occasion heard experiences of family members approaching work sites to inform them of dangers in various situations. This is commendable however it is not my recommendation. First and foremost it is way to emotional for the families, please do not put yourself in this position. There are things you can do such as take pictures write the companies, send the information to OSHA and the news papers.

I do have a method to my madness and it is not to bust the company down but protect your sanity. It is hard enough to recount our losses let alone see and confront others who are in the immediate positions as our losses were in. Some may be able to handle it but it is my experience that it brakes most, confrontation takes too much out of you and keeps you to low to long.

If you are at a point were you are fine with this and you may never be then go back to school and do it the right way, you will have a story to share and backing. There is a great bunch more than willing to work with the families and training and they include the USMWF site in there studies here NASP. NASP also offers scholarships to make it easier for you to attend. Remember you still have family who cares and needs you in the right frame of mind.

This is a struggle most of us have in some form or another so your not alone but there comes a point when you have to protect yourself and your family from issue that will certainly put strain on on relationships. Grief is strange and involves many emotions and and stages and in most of these cases we never really come to terms the incident but we can go on. We can still live and love life, you don't have to add needed suffering to what is already unbearable. We have a couple of article on USMWF that will help with the grieving process.

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