Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Nation

Esther Kaplan of the Nation has written a wonderful article that has highlighted the site, blog, petition, HR5522, the Imperial Sugar explosion, Workers Meorial Day and what I have been up to lately. view article

Esther has been very eloquent and kind with her written words she has a way of not only packing information in but getting the point across. To be honest I think this is the first time have ever felt like tooting my own horn;o) but through Esther's words I feel like a pat on the back and hey I'll do it myself.

Alas back to reality. I am a firm believer that it takes a village so I never take credit for any accomplishments, they ALL will and have been made with many who persevere and care enough to make a difference.

During this Workers Memorial Day we have had several families involved in events some old timers (meaning 4/5 years) and some newbee's but all have shown they have what it takes. The have given the issues a human side one of the key components of real change.

I want to thank all those who have included the Family Bill of Rights and the families in there efforts once we join have all joined forces our (the video used where families could not be) battle cries will be heard!

As wonderful and encouraging as the events were this year I am tired and ready for a break but that doesn't happen in my world so looks like there will be more from me on the blog once again like it or not.

God Bless you all!

Oh I almost forgot Esther and I will be interviewed by (RadioNation) by Laura Flanders
and I am not sure on this one but i think it is aired on Air America...I may be wrong so if anyone out there knows pass along the info please.


Kane said...

Good article. Keep up the good fight!

Donna Puleio said...

The perversion of OSHA’s purpose, from being a regulatory agency designed to protect workers to a tool to serve greedy corporate interests is another example of the shameful Bush legacy. OSHA head Foulke, like Labor Secretary Chao, has a blatantly anti-worker agenda and is a totally inappropriate choice to head this agency and makes a bitter mockery of its function. This agency is an insult to the more than 50, 000 workers injured yearly on the job and to the families of the more than 5000 workers killed yearly due to unsafe work conditions.

My brother, Gary Puleio, was killed on the job at a concrete plant where he had been employed there only 3 months as a cement truck driver and fell 25 feet to his death, from a cement tower, while shoveling gravel off the hopper to clean it. The company claimed Gary just wandered up there on his own, without wearing any safety equipment, at the end of his driving shift rather than being assigned this dangerous task

OSHA accepted this implausible story and after admitting no wrong doing, the company paid a $6000 fine for REPEAT violations for not posting danger signs at a confined space. . This company had multiple serious violations issued only months before Gary was killed which were informally settled with reduced fines. Corporations routinely “negotiate” with OSHA to downgrade fines while aggrieved families of dead workers have no such access to OSHA.

Mary V. said...

I can't recall the last time I read an article and I was left speechless & proud. So Heads up to the media Ester has just out shined all of you.

M. Vivenzi

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