Monday, June 09, 2008

Is Enough Done To Stop Explosive Dust?

60 Minutes Is Enough Done To Stop Explosive Dust? aired last night and my the phone and email have been bomb barded so if I happen to miss a reply please excuse me. I do appreciate all the support but it may be impossible to contact you all in a timely manner. I have heard only good things and you all are wonderful!

I just wanted to add that any accomplishments USMWF or myself may have could not have been done without the support of everyone in every field. It is all in the team work. This team still has much to do because the senate may vote in July and them it goes to the President.

And guess what? While this is in the works we are already working on other issues and I am sure will have a main focus on another and I would love for it to be rights for families which includes the Protecting Workers Act

Again Thank You All & give yourself a big pat on the back, You deserve it!

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Joe638NYC said...

Thank you Tammy, for all that you have done, it was amazing to see you there right on my TV.

You spoke of what you went through with your brother, Shawn. I did not even realize that when I first posted the petition on my site.

I am so sorry that you watched as your brother went through that. I truly can't imagine.

You are very inspirational in your quest to make sure that no one else has to suffer that way, you have my utmost support, please don't ever be afraid to ask for it.

The Protect America's Workers Act is the next step, keep me informed and I'll do my best to spread the info.

In solidarity,

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