Friday, June 06, 2008

The Pump

The Pump Handle's Celeste Monforton has once again broken hearts with her recent story Coal Miner, 18, dies at ICG’s Sentinel Mine.

18 year old Adam Lanham should have been receiving his diploma and the start of an adult life. Instead Tygarts Valley High School will hold a moment of silence in memory of Adam.

Adam was run over by a scoop at an ICG mine. Federal officials just last week cited the company for not properly reporting an accident and preserving the accident scene, according to federal records (how convenient for the mine).

I just watched my middle child's graduation and although one goes to many in a lifetime there is no other like seeing your child walk down the graduation isle. I can recall Megan begin her nervous walk to adulthood and receiving her long awaited reward. Megan's expressions were priceless; ones I had reviewed many times in the recent few days while putting her scrap book together.

I kept thinking to myself, Megan is still my baby girl, still scared and now on her own. How will Megan ever make it, some how we all do. Megan graduated with honors and she really is a beautifully spirited child and I had to give her to the world.

Although I have mix emotions, I have done it once before and will do it again with my son in about 9 more years, I can't even begin to understand what this has to be like for Adam's family.

Instead of joyful pain Adam's parents have to endure this dark cloud. They were robbed of this moment and many others that should have come. No marriage, no grandchildren no watching their son turn into a man, being proud of his parent hood and family. Seeing Adam's friends go on with life and grow while their Adam has been taken and the only visit will be to bring flowers and tears.

It really does brake my heart, Adam's parents have a long haul. I do pray that God is with them.

ICG should be ashamed for not only taking this young life but also not acknowledging Adam's loss to begin with. Keep in mind...
"Scott Depot-based ICG also owns the Sago Mine, where 12 miners died in a Jan. 2, 2006, explosion.

During an ongoing quarterly inspection that began April 1, MSHA officials cited the company for 46 alleged safety and health violations, according to agency records. MSHA inspectors cited the mine for 61 alleged violations during the previous complete inspection, conducted during the first quarter of 2008.

In four of the previous five calendar years, the Sentinel Mine reported accident rates that were significantly worse - up to 6.5 times higher - than the national average, according to MSHA data."

Make your mama proud Scott! Which by they way Scott was not around when we started giving out our award so here you go!

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