Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scarlet Letter

Dead man was left propped on tree in orchard.

"What are you required to do with your trash?" Gessell said. "You can't just throw it around. Here you have a person who dies, and you don't treat him with the same respect that you treat garbage. Unbelievable."
Don't even ask me how I missed this but it pretty much says it all. Pedro Servin was working on a sport utility vehicle for the Lopez brothers of General Pallet when he died of heart failure in the 115 degree heat.

The Lopez brothers tried covering it up by driving to an orchard and propping the body up by a tree . Joe and Joes Lopez then proceed to threatened the other employees with deportation if they uttered a word. Why did they cover it up? Jose and Joe Lopez didn't want to pay workers comp.

Pedro Servin's last words, "I don't know, just ... " and closed his eyes. Something I am sure the family will not soon forget. Not many stop to think of the toll this takes on the family. Knowing that someone they love was dieing, asking for help and no one was able to or wanted help.

Firm sued for dumping migrant worker's body

Yep that is the tile of the article. Sued? First the business should be shut down then Joes and Joe Lopez should be taken straight to jail. To be honest I really don't want to go on much more because I will end up saying something really unhealthy. All I can say is what goes around comes around. Sling crap long enough and it is going to come back and hit you in the face.

If anyone deserves the Scarlet letter it is the Lopeze's. Make Mama Proud!

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