Thursday, August 07, 2008

Little Woman

One of my favorite movies and Jo March my character of chose.

Our real life little women is Dr. Celeste Monforton.

Yep you heard it DR. MONFORTON, she will not toot her own horn so I will gladly do it for her. (I am so proud of you and (just for the record and since he doesn't have a site or blog) so is Tony Oppegard! As a matter of fact I feel everyyone who knows you is walking proud.)

In the same week Celeste had time for a radio spot with Living on Earth
Celeste Monforton of the George Washington University School of Public Health was perusing the Department of Labor website when found some fine print. The Department was proposing allowing worker exposure to higher levels of chemicals, though for shorter periods of time. She published what she found in her blog and shares it with host Bruce Gellerman. You can hear her in action here

and Celeste is being blogged on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Celeste Monforton, is a former Department of Labor policy analyst and is now a lecturer and research associate at George Washington University's School of Public Health. In early July, while digging through the fine print of a White House Web site, she found an arcane, brief notation that the Office of Management and Budget was reviewing a Labor Department plan to pretty much gut the toxic exposure limits that OSHA and the Mine Safety and Health Administration instituted to protect workers. You can view it here
So why not give Dr. Monforton a shout, post a little note to the Seattle PI after all she works for us all!

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