Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raymundo C. Gonzalez, Jr. and Leonard Maurice Moore Billboard Watch

As you know Raymundo C. Gonzalez, Jr. and Leonard Maurice Moore are remembered every year with a billboard. Raymondo's family will have their loved ones names up once again August 18th - September 15th the. The location is Palmer Highway and 29th Street in Texas City. The location has been moved to get a wider audience, it was directly in front of the BP entrance. This current one is down the street from BP's new off site location that they were required to provide to nonessential employees of the plant. They will get a good view everyday and so will the rest of Texas City as Palmer Highway runs through the heart of the city.

I have said it before and I will say it again. This family is amazing and not just for their billboard. I have never seen a family stick together like theirs, there is not one person in their family I have spoken to that I haven't fell in love with. I have viewed from afar new babies and spouses and it only gets better. Ray must have been a wonderful father to have raised such a family and I know their mother Mary is a loving inspiration.

I will update when I get photo's of their new location. This one is for you Ray you are dearly missed!
to view an older billboard


Anonymous said...

Words can not express how much we appreciate your support. We do the things we do because that is what our parents taught us. I know I would of never gotten through this without my family. When I was broken, my sisters help put me back together, and when my Mom needed strength, we all pulled together to be strong for her.

Thank you Tammy for helping us make sure no one forgets all of the loved ones that have been lost. My family and I couldn't of been blessed with a better friend. May God bless you and your family always.


Jennifer Gonzalez Ornelas

Tammy said...

Believe it or not it is people like you all that make it worth while. I read and hear so much that I need strength from you to keep my spirits and energy up. You remind me that there are still really good people out there and I am not alone.
Love you all and send my love to the family!

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