Thursday, August 07, 2008

Remembering Austin Sawicki

The very first time that I had ever heard the name Austin Sawicki was when I read about how his young promising life was tragically ended. And how his sister Mandi gave birth to her son "Wesley Austin Zimmer" that very same day. Most of us will never know what Austin's family went trough that day. Or how hard it must have been for Austin's father John to have to keep the news of his sons death to himself until after the baby was born. But the one thing that amazed me the most is that despite their tragic loss is the beautifully touching way family and friends chose to honor his life. The first time I saw this video it left me feeling as if Austin and I had been life long friends because the video does not allow anyone to focus on how Austin's life was ended instead after watching the video I found myself in a state of amazement as there is no denying that in his short lifetime Austin had lived a life filled with simple treasures rich with love and managed to see more of the world than most of us will ever see. And although Austin's family and friends will spend the rest of their lives missing him. I pray that each of them are left with so many beautiful memories of him that every time they think of him that a smile comes to their face before the tears fill their eyes.

In the words of Austin's Father John
God has taken Austin to heaven on a surfboard and sent Wesley back on the same board with a guardian angel.

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