Sunday, August 24, 2008

Struggle for Life

Malcolm Frazier, 47, left the refinery with 85% of his body burned by the sugar explosion. Malcolm was strong willed fighting long and hard but his heart just couldn’t handle the strain any longer.

Malcolm's father was by his side daily signing hymns, praying and talking to his son. During Malcolm’s last moments his father recalls stroking Malcolm’s forehead and “You fought for your Daddy. You fought so hard.” There comes a time when you have to let them go.

During the struggle for life people are brought together that may have never crossed paths. We find the worst in man but we also find the noblest; the ones who are our strength when we have week, they give us hope when we see no light and they comfort us. These noble men and women truly are a gift. Life, death and faith bonds like no other. These relationships continue well after the healing process is in full swing and they are no longer strangers or acquaintances but family.

God bless you all, Our hearts and prayers go out to you!

Burned refinery worker dies 6 months after blast

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