Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekly Toll-- August 12-26, 2008

Below are more sad stories of workers fallen in the last two weeks. May we all strive to ensure that none have died in vain!


SWAT Officer dies during physican exertion exercise
AUG 26, COLUMBUS, OH -- A community is mourning the loss of a 20-year Colombus Division of police veteran who died today during a SWAT physical exertion exercise. Fellow officer Jim Scandlon said Tim Haley, 42, had complained of a headache during the exercise, and that he had apparently suffered a brain bleed. Mr. Haley, who worked for the patrol, the narcotics bureau, the helicopter squard and the K-9 team, was a father of three young boys. "Just a star. That's how cops refer to people like Tim: Just a star," Scandlon said. To ensure his eligibility for death benefits, Haley's family had to apply for his early retirement while he was on his death bed and lost out on the $36,000 they would have been entitled to had he died in active duty.The police department is therefore attempting to raise money for Mr. Haley's family. You can find a local donation location at

Electrician electrocuted
AUG 26, WILMINGTON, NY -- An out-of-town electrician who arrived early to work at Whiteface Mountain Tuesday morning was electrocuted while working on a transformer. William J. Cowie, 44, of Stark, NH, who was working alone at the time, was found by coworkers arriving at the site.

Worker crushed in industrial accident
AUG 26, WELLSVILLE, NY-- Eric S. Lehman, 29, was killed Tuesday morning while working on a piece of equipment at Alstom Air Preheater Company. A 5-ton piece of steel casing apparently fell from its support stands and crushed him.

Tomato canning worker killed
AUG 26, OTTAWA, OH -- Nicacio Garcia, 49, an employee of Hirzel Canning Company, was killed Tuesday while adjusting a new machine used to wrap plastic around products on pallets. Co-workers took apart the machine, under which Mr. Garcia had become trapped, in order to free him, and he was transported to St. Rita's Medical Center, where he later died.

Patrol trooper killed in head-on collision
AUG 26, COLUMBIA HILLS, MT -- Evan Schneider, 29, a trooper for Montana Highway Patrol, was using his emergency lights to pull over a vehicle when an oncoming truck crossed the center line and struck his car head-on. Mr. Schneider, who had been with the patrol since early 2004, is survived by his wife, Carrie. The driver of the truck, who was ejected from his vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Line worker electrocuted
AUG 26,SALT LAKE CITY, UT-- Two electrical contractors employed by Mountain Power were performing routine maintenance on a power pole Tuesday morning when they were electrocuted. Stephen G. Vlamakis, 26, of Helper, was pronounced at the scene. His coworker was severely injured. Mr. Vlamakis was following in the footsteps of his father, Gabe Vlamakis, who has worked for Mountain Power for 37 years.

Youth aide dies
AUG 26, JOHNSTOWN, NY -- Charles Loftly, 54, a youth aide who was beaten by a 16-year old resident of the Tyron youth center and subsequently suffered a stroke, died tonight after having been in a coma since Friday. Mr. Loftly had worked at the facility for nearly 30 years.

Window washer falls to death
AUG 26, NEW YORK, NY -- The body of a window-washing contractor was found Tuesday morning, a sponge and squeegee by his side. Robert Domaszowec, 49 , fell from the 12th story of a building in Greenwich Village. Mr. Domaszowec, a "neighboorhood fixture" who had been working washing windows and doing other odd jobs at the building for more than 20 years, was wearing a safety harness, but its safety hooks gave way.

Road construction worker killed
AUG 26, HUNTINGTON COUNTY, IN -- A Huntington County Highway employee, Dennis Klepper, 56, was killed Tuesday when the tractor he was driving was rear-ended by a van. Mr. Klepper was using the tractor to mow ditches when the accident occurred. Mr. Klepper had worked for the county for 21 years.

Construction worker falls from roof
AUG 26, MINERVA, OH -- Construction worker Ricci Dolph, 54, was installing a new roof above the gymnasium at Minerva High School early this morning when he fell 25 feet to the floor. He died about an hour later at Aultman Hospital. According to Stark County's coroner, Mr. Dolph was not wearing a safety belt when he fell.

Worker killed in industrial accident
AUG 25, GUILFORD TWP, PA -- Employees of a Nitterhouse Concrete Products plant in Guilford Twp. were mourning the loss of their coworker, Robert E. Strang, 58, of Waynesboro, who was killed at work Monday afternoon. Mr. Strang died in the precast/prestressed concrete plant, where hollowcore planks are made. He was apparently a piece of equipment when he became trapped between it and another piece of computer-operated equipment. He died of blunt force trauma to the chest and neck. Mr. Strang had held this job for 8 years.

Tree trimmer dies in fall
AUG 25, ORMOND BEACH, FL -- An employee of The Tree Lady tree services was killed when a tree limb he was cutting above his head began to fall. Dewitt Payne, 53, dropped his chainsaw and clung to another branch before the tree limb knocked him to the ground 30 feet below. He was prounounced dead at the scene.

Police officer dies from injuries
AUG 25, MARSHFIELD, MA -- Duxbury police officer Mel Dyer, 67, died late this evening at Brigham & Women's Hospital. Mr. Dyer had been hospitalized since August 16, when he was struck by a car while directing traffic at the Marshfield Fair. Mr. Dyer, a 20-year Marine Veteran, had been working part-time for the Duxbury Police Department following his retirement from his position as Sheriff's deputy for Plymouth County. “Every day of his life was devoted to public service, so it’s a terrible irony that he should die this way,” said Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald.

Construction worker run over
AUG 25, INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- A construction contractor was killed Monday afternoon at the Fedex Hub expansion at Indianapolis International Airport. Investigators believe Dennis Burch, 56, of Hebron, KY was behind a dump track when it began to back up, and that he was unable to get out of its path before he was run over. Witnesses said the truck driver was backing up and did not see him.

Towing employee killed in Industrial Park
AUG 25, GRAND FORKS, ND -- An 65-year old employee of a towing business was killed Monday in the parking lot of a business in Industrial Park. He was apparently hitching a semi-trailer to a wrecker when he became pinned between the two. He was already dead when emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Contractor killed at steel plant
AUG 24, MIDDLETOWN, OH -- Michael Lewis, 26, of West Carrollton, was working in the truck maintenance area of AK Steel when he was hit in the face with the rim of a tractor-trailer tire that exploded while he was changing it. Mr. Lewis was an employee of Bowling Transportation, which leases employees to RMB Enterprises. This is the second time in the past 18 months that an RMB contractor has died at AK Steel, and the third time a contract worker has been killed at the facility since May 2006.

Plane crash claims 11

AUG 24, GUATEMALA CITY -- Four employees of Focus Services, a call-center company in Roy, UT, were killed Sunday in a plane crash in Guatemala. The employees had volunteered to participate on behalf of their company, who sends employees annually to assist in building houses, hospitals, and schools in the developing world. The four employees killed were: John Carter, 33, of Morgan, UT; Cody Odekirk, 19, of North Ogden, UT; Lydia Silva, 29, of Rock Falls, IL.; and Jeff Reppe, 26, of Sterling, IL. They were selected based on work performance and "future leadership potential", said John Porter, owner of the company. "These were some of our very best people." Representatives of the Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-Cultural Exchange as well as the pilot and co-pilot also lost their lives.

Gas station operator killed
AUG 24, CHICAGO, IL -- A gas station owner, Robert J. Ferris, 73, departed for his Shell station across the street from his home Sunday morning at 3 am when he was shot in the face by a thief he may have caught by surprise. His stepdaughter found him after he failed to arrive at the station, but Mr. Ferris died not long after at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Business owner electrocuted

AUG 23, SCHILLER PARK, IL -- A business owner working on a townhouse under construction Sunday was electrocuted and fell 30 feet Saturday. Jesus Cisernos, 38, was standing on a 24-foot ladder and scraping mortar with an aluminum pole when the pole came in contact with a live power line. The shock caused him to fall to the ground.

Collection systems journeyman dies after accident
AUG 23, BURBANK, CA -- A well-liked and respected city employee died Saturday evening, three days and several surgeries after he was critically injured while fixing a sewer line. Joseph Cordero, 43, a city employee for 23 years, was hit or crushed under his truck while working at the city's Water Reclamation Plant. There were no witnesses; an investigation is ongoing. The day before his death, Mr. Cordero had received the highest level of certification for collection system maintenance. “He was very liked, extremely affable and just an overall great guy,” said Public Works director Bonnie Teaford. “He loved his job and did it extremely well.”

Dock worker killed
AUG 23, OAKLAND, CA -- Delmont Blakeney, 77, was overseeing the offloading of cargo from a ship in the Port of Oakland Saturday night when a locking device became loose and a container spun out of control, pinning him against the rail of the ship before causing him to fall into the water. A spokesperson for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union said this is the third time a dock worker has been killed in the last year. He said Mr. Blakeney struggled in the water for 38 minutes before anyone got to him. "Workers are furious over this death and fed up with excuses from companies that don't make safety a priority," he said. "Somebody's negligent, or my father would be here right now and I'd be giving him his birthday present," said his daughter Denise Blakeney, who noted that her father had just celebrated his 77th birthday. Mr. Blakeney is survived by his wife, Dorothy, three sons, three daughters, 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Landlord murdered
AUG 23, CHICAGO, IL -- A landlord from Chicago's South Side, Harlan Hayes, 77, died Saturday from injuries he suffered earlier this week when he was doused with gasoline and set on fire. Police have charged a former tenant.

Farmer killed in accident
AUG 23, DUMMERSTON, VT -- Dwight Miller, Jr., 84, considered "an icon in Vermont farming", died at his farm Saturday while cutting thistles in his orchard. Family members said Mr. Miller was working when he was apparently knocked down and then rolled over by his truck. He was found by his nephew.

Logger killed by chainsaw
AUG 22, ALQUIPPA, PA -- The owner of Swanson Tree Services, Rodney Swanson, 45, of Titusville, was killed Friday morning when the chainsaw he was operating got stuck and kicked back, striking him in the face. He died not long after at Commonwealth Medical Center. Mr. Swanson was married and had three daughters.

Hotel desk clerk stabbed to death
AUG 22, RICHFIELD, OH -- A maintenance worker has been charged in the murder of Bonnie Nevener, 59, a night desk clerk at a Holiday Inn Express near the Ohio Turnpike. Police say believe the suspect robbed Ms. Nevener and then stabbed her multiple times. It was the first homicide in Richfield in at least 15 years.

New truck driver killed on job
AUG 22, KEYSTONE, WV -- A truck driver who had been working hauling coal for B&O Trucking for only three days was killed on the job late Friday night. Police say Danny Lee Jones, 38, of Bradshaw, was driving down a hill and couldn't downshift. He jumped from the cab and was run over by the truck.

Police officer killed in crash
AUG 22, WOODBRIDGE, NJ -- A Perth Amboy police officer was killed early Friday morning when the car he was driving hit a car crossing Route 1. Thomas Raji, 31, and another officer were transporting a prisoner at the time. The other officer and the prisoner were both injured in the crash. Mr. Raji was the husband of another Perth Amboy police officer who is several months pregnant with their first child.

Pilot, two others killed in plane crash
AUG 22, LAS VEGAS, NV -- A small plane departing from North Las Vegas Airport crashed early Friday morning when it was unable to gain altitude. The plane struck a nearby home, killing the pilot, Mack C. Murphree Jr., 77, as well as the elderly couple inside. The National Transportation Safety Board is preparing a report on the crash, but said it will be at least a year before much is revealed.

Pilot, 9 clinic workers, killed in plane crash
AUG 22, CEDAR CITY, UT -- Community members gathered Sunday to mourn the loss of ten local community members killed Friday in a plane crash near Moab. Nine of the ten passengers were dermatology clinic workers returning from Moab to Cedar City after spending the day performing skin cancer screenings and other dermatology work. Lansing Ellsworth, 50, a physician who operated the clinic in Cedar City, was killed, along with his son, Dallin Ellsworth, 24, whose wife was expecting their first child. The seven other dermatology workers killed were: David Goodard, 60; his daughter Cecilee Goodard, 31; Marcie Tillery, 29; Valerie Imlay, 52; Keith Shumway, 29; Mandy Johnson, 20 (who had just gotten engaged on Friday); and Camie Vigil, 25. The pilot of the plane, David White, 42, was also killed.

Lineman electrocuted
AUG 22, GADSEN COUNTY, FL -- A journeyman lineman attempting to repair a power line was killed Friday morning after he came in contact with a live line that had been knocked down during Tropical Storm Fay. Curtis King, an employee of Talquin Electric, was with a team of first responders attempting to restore electric to area residents.

14th worker dies from Imperial Sugar explosion
AUG 22, SAVANNAH, GA -- The 14th worker worker to die from injuries sustained in the Imperial Sugar explosion on February 7th passed away Friday morning. Malcolm Frazier, 47, a floor manager in the packing department, suffered burns to more than 85% of his body.

Forester falls from cliff
AUG 21, ASHEVILLE, NC -- Curtis Jessen, 32, assistant district forester for the N.C. Division of Forest Resources in Asheville, was working with a team of firefighters to help clean up and assess the threat of brush fires near Big Bradley Falls, a 65-foot waterfall in Polk County. He was scouting out the edge of a cliff when he reportedly slipped and fell from the edge where the falls squeeze through a narrow space. “It’s going to take time to get over this,” said Trent Duncan, a long-time friend and one of several workers who helped recover Mr Jessen’s body.

Two killed in workplace shooting
AUG 21, EVANSTON, WY -- A disgruntled employee, 63, argued with and then shot a 44-year old manager Thursday morning before turning the gun on himself. The incident occurred at Integrity Industries, an oil field chemical business. The names of the employees are being withheld pending notification of their next of kin.

Truck driver killed in crash
AUG 21, VALDOSTA, GA -- An employee of D-M-H trucking in Douglas was killed Thursday morning when he tried to pass a road grader that was making a left turn. Robert Arnold, 45, was killed when the log truck he was driving flipped over and burst into flames. The driver of the road grater tried to free Mr. Arnold from the burning cab but was unable.

Worker dies in fall
AUG 21, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- A 26-year old worker was inside the bucket of a bucket truck when it tipped over, causing him to fall. He was flown to a local hospital but pronounced dead shortly thereafter. His name has yet to be released.

Worker killed by tractor trailer
AUG 20, URBANDALE, IA-- A 64-year old worker moving trailers a bulk mail center was killed Wednesday. A spokesperson for the mail center said the worker put the truck in reverse, got out to check on something, and was killed when the vehicle ran over him. His name has not yet been released.

Amtrak employee struck by train
AUG 20, NEW CARROLLTON, MD -- An employee of Amtrak's communications and signals department, Steven Rychwalski, 22, of White Marsh, died Wednesday morning after he was struck by an Acela train travelling from Washington, DC to Boston. An Amtrak spokesperson said it is not unusual for employees to be doing track work, but she didn't know exactly what the employee was doing at the time of the accident. An investigation is ongoing.

Body shop worker died
AUG 20, EAST COUNTY, CA -- William Shawket Jerjis, 46, of Spring Valley, was working at Alvin's Auto Upholstery Wednesday night when he was found unconscious on the floor of the garage. He had been spray painting and might have been overcome by the fumes. A bystander apparently performed CPR but was unable to revive him. He was declared dead at the scene.

Delivery driver killed in collision
AUG 20, ROSE LAKE, ID -- The driver of a Schwan's home delivery truck, Steven Aune, 48, of Post Falls, was killed Wednesday in a two car collision. Police say Aune failed to yield at a stop sign and his truck was hit by a dump truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the dump truck was transported by ambulance to Kootenai Medical Center.

Small plane crashes
AUG 20, SPRINGERVILLE, AZ -- The two people onboard a single engine aircraft were killed Wednesday morning when their plane crashed and caught fire. The wreckage was found just 3 miles south of Springerville Municipal Airport.

Woman's body found
AUG 20, LUBBOCK, TX -- The body of a 29-year old woman arrested in July for prostitution was found Wednesday by an oil worker in an isolated field in Northeast Lubbock. Monica Adams had suffered blunt force trauma and her body had been in the field at least since the weekend. Police have no leads at the present time. Ms. Adams' body was the second to be left in a one-mile radius in less than two years and the fifth found in east Lubbock County over the last decade. All five of those women had been arrested for prostitution.

Convenience store operator killed
AUG 20, MERIDIAN, MS -- The body of Mohamed Alnazaili, 52, was found Wednesday inside his BP convenience store. An autopsy shows he died of blunt trauma. Police are seeking an extradition for two suspects, one of whom had worked at the store one week before the attack.

Deputy killed while investigating burglary
AUG 20, CHACKBAY, LA -- A Lafourche sheriff's deputy, Martha Woods Shareef, 53, was killed early this morning after responding to a report of a burglary at Nocko's convenience store. The sherrif's office reported that Ms. Shareef had confronted the suspect outside the store and that he subsequently ran over her with a car. A 15-year veteran of the sheriff's office, Ms. Shareef had also served as a patrol officer, school resource officer, and supervisor.

Man killed in mower accident
AUG 19, FRONT ROYAL, VA -- Gregory Sisk, 48, was mowing his lawn in Front Royal Tuesday when his tractor went over an embankment. Worried family members found his body Wednesday morning.

Worker falls through roof
AUG 19, MANHASSET, NY -- Thomas Miller, 58, of Centereach, was working on the roof of Shelter Rock Tennis and Country Club when he fell 40 feet through what may have been a rotted spot in the roof. Police confirmed that Mr. Miller died of blunt force trauma.

Mechanic crushed
AUG 19, RIVERSIDE, CA -- A 32 year-old worker from Victorville was killed Tuesday morning at Johnson Power Systems' repair shop while working on a fire truck engine. Jason James Mohelski was performing a dyanometer test when the vehicle's tilt-body cab slipped back into position, pinning him between the wheel and the truck frame. Coworkers tried to perform CPR but were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Worker found in grain silo
AUG 19, SEBREE, KY -- The body of Paul Brewer, 59, of Belton, was retrieved Tuesday evening from a silo at the Tyson Feed Mill. Mr. Brewer was working on top of the silo when he apparently fell inside. The silo contained approximately 75,000 bushels of grain. This is the third workplace fatality at the Tyson complex.

Farmer crushed by equipment
AUG 18, FOREST JUNCTION, WI -- Life-long farmer James Jonan, 64, died Monday afternoon when a piece of farm equipment he was working on apparently fell on him. Family members were able to pull him out, but he died at the scene. Mr. Jonan almost died on his farm two years ago, when was mauled by a 2,700 pound bull. Doctors told him he would never farm again, but Mr. Jonan was determined to get back to work. Unfortunately, this time, he won't have that chance.

Stone supply worker killed
AUG 18, NORTH UNION TWP, PA -- Robert Stoots, 28, was working on a crane Monday morning at CoolSpring Stone Supply, Inc. when the crane's counterweight, weighing between five and ten tons, fell on his lower body. He was pronounced dead at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, WV.

Store worker shot
AUG 18, KANSAS CITY, MO -- Brandon J. Garner, 24, and a coworker had just closed up the O'Reilly Auto Parts Store when someone started shooting at them in the parking lot. Police found Mr. Garner wounded in the parking lot, but paramedics could not get him to a hospital before he died. Police are investigating but do not believe robbery was a motive in the shooting.

Glass worker killed
AUG 18, TUMWATER, WA -- Workers at Cardinal Glass called for help Monday morning when they discovered a coworker lying on the ground with a laceration to his neck. It appeared that Christopher Benson, 23, had tripped and fallen into a plane of glass, and that it had severed the main arteries in his neck. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Just a few months ago at the same plant, a worker lost her hand. (For that incident, the company was fined $700 and cited for one serious violation of not ensuring the employee had received adequate training)

Machinist on strike killed in accident
AUG 18, WICITA, KS -- Jeff Hart, 45, a machinist for Hawker Beechcraft and two year member of the International Association of Machinists Local 733, was running to join his coworkers for a 5 am strike rally when he was struck by the vehicle another employee headed to the overflow parking lot. Several Machinists provided CPR and assistance until police and an ambulance arrived. The workers have been on strike since August 4.

Plumbing contractor killed in fall
AUG 18, CANTON, OH -- A pluming contractor employed by Kauffman Plumbing & Heating was killed Monday afternoon in an incident a steel mill owned by the Timken Company. Robert E. Kopp, 41, of Amherst, fell 30 to 40 feet while he was cleaning equipment used to remove dust from the air. He suffered severe facial and head injuries. "There is no question he was not wearing a safety harness," said the coroner. Rob Medlock, head of the OSHA office in Cleveland, said that when an employee is working for a contractor at another company, the contractor must ensure the worker's safety.

Worker killed in industrial accident
AUG 18, SHOW LOW, AZ -- An employee of Zachary Construction was killed in a construction accident today at the Arizona Public Service (APS) Cholla Power Plant. Larry Hall, 35, of Snowflake, was working on cables that held counterweights for a conveyer belt when the belt was mistakenly turned on and he was pulled into the machine. According to the Navajo County Sheriff's office, the conveyer belt had not been "locked out" or disabled. APS and OSHA are also investigating.

Gravel accident kills worker
AUG 18, HECTOR, NY -- An employee of South Hill Construction company died Monday morning at a private gravel pit. Floyd Goodrich, 65, of Odessa, was next to a gravel bank when a large amount fell and trapped him. He was transported to Schuyler Hospital, but was pronounced dead.

Construction worker dies after fall
AUG 17, FRANKLIN, WI -- Scott Hubbard of Green Bay, died Sunday at Aurora BayCare Center of injuries sustained in a construction-related fall last Thursday morning. An employee of Fox Cities Builders, Mr. Hubbard was 45.

Truck driver killed in train collision
AUG 16, PRATT, KS -- Bryan B. Chambers, 57, of Coats, was killed Saturday morning when the semi he was driving was struck by a Union Pacific Train. The accident occurred on Northwest 50th Street near K-61. Authorities do not know why Mr. Chambers did not stop for the northbound train.

Supervisor dies in industrial accident
AUG 16, CALHOUN, GA -- Frankie Edward Jones, 37, died Saturday morning after suffering "crushing injuries to the torso" at Colormaster/Product Concepts. The accident is being investigated by OSHA. Mr. Jones is survived by his wife, five sons, three daughters, and numerous other relatives.

Farmer dies in tractor accident
AUG 16, MENDOTA, IL -- A farmer known in his community for innovations in farming died late Saturday morning. Paul F. Beetz, 88, was mowing a ditch when his tractor overturned. He was taken to Mendota Community Hospital but was pronounced dead from his injuries. Mr. Beetz had helped to secure a federal grant for lakes projects that prevented flooding in the area, and was a progressive farmer. He had also worked with area churches and farmers to establish the Foods Resource Bank in Mendota, whose proceeds were donated to developing countries.

Tractor accident claims one
AUG 16, PRAIRIETOWN, IL -- Lucas Weimers, 21, was driving a tractor and hauling a wagon Saturday morning when the wheels hit a rut in the road. Mr. Weimers was thrown from the tractor and then run over by its rear wheels. He was taken to a hospital in Staunton, where he later died.

Firefighter dies from work-related illness
AUG 15, KNOXVILLE, TN -- John Oliver "Slim" Pickens, 60, of Lenoir City, died Friday from pulmonary fibrosis contracted after a fire he fought at the B&R Tire Company in July 1996. Before retiring last year, Mr. Pickens served 30 years in the Knoxfille Fire Department. "It's not just he that made the ultimate sacrifice, it's his family that sacrificed him being with them, so it really is a huge, tremendous sacrifice, it's a sacrifice for us to miss him, but nothing like for the family. We hurt with them," said Paul Trumpore, the fire department champlain. Mr. Pickens is survived by six children and sixteen grandchildren.

Mine worker electrocuted
AUG 15, KEARNY, AZ -- Peter Eudave, 41, an electrical apprentice who hailed from Superior, died Friday at the Ray Mine, where he had worked for the last 14 years. He was adjusting a 480-volt flood light fixture on the edge of a copper pit when he received a fatal electric shock. "He was a hard worker," said Celestino Flores, president of United Steelworkers Local 915. "Such a good guy."

Road construction worker killed
AUG 15, TITUSVILLE, FL -- A 48-year old employee of KCF Construction was killed Friday afternoon in a construction zone on Grissom Parkway. Police say a heavy road-grader backed over the victim, whose name will be released upon notification of next of kin.

Worker dies from fall
AUG 15, GREENWOOD, IN -- Police say an accident at a Value Place Hotel construction site on Tuesday caused two workers-- a father and his 15-year old son, to fall 40 feet. The father, Jose Delgado, Sr., 31, died Friday at Methodist Hospital from a severe head injury he sustained in the fall. A spokesperson from the Indiana Department of Labor said the workers were moving material from a cage atop a fork truck through a fourth floor window when the cage tilted and fell. "No individuals should be anywhere near that type of equipment, especially to use as transportation up or down," he said. He also noted that federal law prohibits 15-year olds from working at hazardous construction sites.

Arcade owner killed in robbery
AUG 15, MIAMI GARDENS, FL -- Avid gamer and manager of Multi-Vest Video Games, Corey Robinson, 25, was shot in killed in a robbery Friday morning. Three men were apparently trying to rob the store. Robinson shot and killed one of them before he himself was shot in the back. He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him. ''I'm 56 years old and retired. I never thought I'd live to see when I'd have to bury my own child,'' said Corey's father, Michael Robinson.

Truck driver killed by his own semi
AUG 15, HARRISON TWP, OH -- A 61-year old truck driver was outside of his semi truck Friday when it started to move. Police say he tried to jump back into the cab to stop it, but slipped and fell and was run over by the truck. The truck continued for another half-block before coming to rest against some bushes.

Paper worker killed
AUG 15, RINCON, GA -- Ramon Cuya, 39, of Guyton, was killed this morning when he got caught in equipment in the paper machination area at Georgia Pacific's Savannah Mill Plant. This is the second work-rated fatality at the plant in less than a year.

Police officer killed by drunk driver
AUG 14, HOPKINTON, NH -- Sean Powers, 24, a young police officer who had recently completed two tours of duty in Iraq, was driving home from his shift when he was rear-ended by a drunk driver and thrown from his motorcycle. He was inadvertantly struck again by a passing car. Mr. Powers was pronounced dead at the scene. His brother said of him, "“His goal in life was to make everyone smile, and he could, too."

Worker killed in farm accident
AUG 14, YANCEYVILLE, NC-- Michael Dabbs, 52, of Burlington, died Thursday morning after being crushed by the grating machine he was repairing at Baldwin Farms. V. Mac Baldwin, owner of the farm, thinks the safety support on the machine's gate was dislodged, causing the gate to slam back down. Dabbs, a veteran of the Air Force and Army National Guard, is survived by his wife of 32 years, two children, and three grandchildren. Said Balwin, "He was the best employee we had. It's like losing family."

Pilot killed in crash
AUG 14, TUCSON, AZ -- Layne Brandt, 63, vice president of farm operations for Farmer's Investment Co., also known as Green Valley Pecan Co., was killed in a single-engine plane crash on Thursday afternoon. Brandt took off from the company's eastern Arizona farm, but his plane crashed in the Santa Rita mountains. An experienced pilot, Mr. Brandt was said to have made the flight routinely. The owner of the farm and Brandt's close friend Nan Walden, said "Layne was truly a unique individual. He was a loving family man, an intelligent and innovative farmer, a great business manager, an expert pilot and a true cowboy. He was equally comfortable in a corporate boardroom, on a tractor, in the pilot's seat or on the back of a horse." He is survived by his wife of more than 25 years, 5 children, and several grandchildren. "We've lost someone who is irreplaceable, we're all in shock and we're all saddened," added company president, Dick Walden, who had worked with Mr. Brandt for more than 40 years.

Pilot killed in crash (2)
AUG 14, MARYSVILLE, OH -- An employee of Corporate Roof Management Systems was killed Thursday when his small plane crashed in a soybean field not far from the airport. Police say Shannon Stage, 33, may have realized something was wrong with the plane and may have been trying to return to the airport when the tragedy occurred. Attendants at the airport say the plane, which was registered to the company, flew often. Mr. Stage is survived by his wife and three children, aged 7, 6, and 2.

Pregnant traffic agent killed on job
AUG 14, NEW YORK, NY -- Donnette Sanz, 33, a New York traffic agent, was hit by van and thrown into the path of a school bus Thursday afternoon while on duty in the Bronx. She was seven months pregnant. Doctors did an emergency C-section and were able to deliver a three-pound baby boy, Sean Michael Justin Sanz. Mayor Bloomberg expressed his condolences to Ms. Sanz's husband, and said he hoped her son would grow up to understand that his mother died in service to the city. UPDATE, 8/22: Sean Michael Justin Sanz, delivered by emergency C-section last week after his mother was hit by a school bus, passed away today. Mayor Bloomberg's office released this statement: "Our hearts and prayers go out to the child's father, Rafael Sanz, and to all those who loved Donnette and her son. Their already heavy burden of grief has been terribly compounded."

Motorcycle officer dies in crash
AUG 14, GULFPORT, MS -- Rob Curry, 39, a 14-year police officer for the Gulfport Police Department died after a traffic accident that occurred while he was on-duty on U.S. 49. He was taken to Garden Park Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. "Rob's death is a tremendous loss to our police family," said Gulfport Police Chief Alan Weatherford. Mr. Curry is survived by his wife and two children.

Policeman dies during traffic stop
AUG 14, PROVO CANYON, UT -- Sgt. Scott Hathcock, 48, of Herby City, had pulled a driver over for speeding on Thursday morning when he collapsed. Mr. Hatchcock was a full-time employee of the Wasath County Sheriff's Office since 2007, and had served part-time for 12 years prior to that. He is survived by his wife and two sons, ages 12 and 21.

Trucker dies
AUG 14, HENRICO COUNTY, VA -- Police and medicla investigators are still trying to determine what happened to truck driver David Stewart Webb, 48, of Aylett. Webb died after being found beside his truck at the BFI landfill. He was transporteed to VCU Medical Center, where he later died. "There is no apparent cause of death," said Lt. Doug Perry. "The medical examiner will do a full autopsy tomorrow."

Sanitation worker killed in accident
AUG 14, JENNINGS, LA -- Seth Guidry, 23, of Jennings, was collecting garbage on Louisiana Highway 102 on Thursday when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. An employee of Jim Bill Disposal of Lake Charles, Guidry was taken to a local hospital, but he later died of his injuries.

Construction worker falls from roof
AUG 14, FARGO, ND -- Timmy Solberg, 37, of Fargo, died early Thursday morning after he fell from the roof of a building down an elevator shaft, which was supposed to have been covered. Mr. Solberg was a construction employee of MJ Dalsin Roofing Contractors, a company with a bad record when it comes to worker safety violations. Bruce Beelman, an OSHA area director, said most violations have involved inadequate fall protection at work sites.

Ironworker killed in crane collapse
AUG 14, QUINCY, MA -- A 30-foot crane that had hovered over the Fore River Shipyard for decades was being dismantled Thursday when a massive support leg gave way. Robert Harvey, 28, a native of Quincy who had just moved to nearby Weymouth with his new wife, was pinned in the falling wreckage. Norfolk District attorney noted that Harvey's fellow ironworkers were "very traumatized by this, very moved." "It's a sad day when a landmark has become a tragic memorial," he said.

Police officer killed in armed robbery
AUG 14, CHICAGO, IL -- A Chicago police officer was pronounced dead early Thursday morning at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Robert Soto, 49, a detective with the Bomb and Arson section and 23 year veteran of the police department, was shot in his personal vehicle early Wednesday morning in what police are investigating as an armed robbery. A friend with him at the time, Kathryn Romberg, was also killed. Mr. Soto was married and had two children.

Metal yard worker dies
AUG 13, TUSCALOOSA, AL -- Twice a month at Temerson & Sons scrap metal yard, contract workers climb into the shaft of a compactor that shreds and crushes scrap metal and use a blowtorch to square off edges of the hammers. This time, the task became fatal. Samuel Simmons, 29, of Centreville, was holding the hammers in position for a partner to lock them into place when the rotors he was standing on started up, flinging him into the air and causing him to hit his head on the roof of the machine shaft. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Garage worker dies
AUG 13, ALTOONA, PA -- Debra K. Trenkle, 58, died late Wednesday at Altoona Regional Health System of a severe head injury sustained Monday morning at Wyland's Garage in Claysburg. She had been working working at the garage following her retirement from from the Blair County Juvenile Probation Office. An employee found Mrs. Trenkle lying on the floor of the garage with a severe injury to the back of her head. Investigators believe she may have fallen backwards and struck her head on a car lift.

Energy employee electrocuted
AUG 13, DES MOINES, IA -- One MidAmerican Energy employee was killed and another injured Wednesday while attempting to repair a power outage at a company substation. Investigators are still looking in to how the two workers came in contact with live wires. MidAmerican Energy's media relations director told the press that parts of the substation had remained active, even though it was de-energized.

Air conditioning maintenance worker dies
AUG 13, AHWATUKEE HILLS, AZ -- An air conditioning maintenance worker died Wednesday after falling headfirst into an air return hole. A fellow worker found his feet sticking out of the pipe a few hours later, but he had already died. The man's name has not yet been released. Police said only that he was Hispanic and in his 30s.

Gas station attendant killed in robbery
AUG 13, WEST TOLEDO, OH -- Matthew Dugan, 34, of West Toledo, was finishing his midnight shift at a BP gas station Wednesday morning when he was shot in the back of the head by a robber. His body was discovered by a woman who entered the station's convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Mr. Dugan worked at the station for less than two months. Police said Dugan had been cooperative with the robber, but was still shot anyway.

Cement truck driver killed
AUG 13, BAKERSFIELD, CA -- The driver of a cement truck, Charlie Mathis Junior, 26, died early Wednesday when his truck's right tire went off the road and the truck rolled down a steep embankment. This caused a dirk avalanche which trapped him in the cab. He died at the scene.

Truck driver killed
AUG 13, BOSSIER PARISH, LA -- A truck driver was killed Wednesday afternoon when his rig went off Interstate 20, crashed into a line of trees, and caught fire. The driver was unable to get out of the cab as it burned, said the State Police.

AK Democratic leader murdered
AUG 13, LITTLE ROCK, AK -- The chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, Billy Gwetney, 48, was shot multiple times Wednesday in his office near the state capitol building. Police say the gunman barged into the party headquarters and demanded to speak to the chairman. When the secretary denied his request, he barged into Gwetney's office and began firing. Mr. Gwetney was taken to the hospital, but died a few hours later. The gunman, who was chased by police for at least 30 miles before being shot, has also died.

Construction worker dies 2 weeks after fall

AUG 13, DOUGLAS, MI -- A 41-year old construction worker and volunteer firefighter died Wednesday morning from injuries sustained more than two weeks ago in a construction accident. Thomas Gehl, of Caledonia, was working on an addition to Douglas Elementary School on July 28 when a metal beam gave way. Mr. Gehl fell 14 feet to the ground and hit his head. He had worked for 12 years for FCC Construction.

Policeman killed in car accident
AUG 12, NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ -- North Brunswick police are mourning the loss of Lt. Christopher Zerby, 41, of Robbinsville, NJ, who had been a township officer for more than 16 years. Zerby was killed and a second officer injured when the black convertable Zerby was driving veered off the road and struck a utility pole. The officers were on duty at the time. Said North Brunswick Mayor and family friend, ""Lt. Zerby was raised here, he went to North Brunswick High School. Even if he hadn't been on the police force, you knew him around the town. This is a great loss for the township."

Asphalt plant employee falls from ladder
AUG 12, GAINESVILLE, VA -- A temporary worker at an asphalt plant in Gainesville was killed Tuesday morning while cleaning a tower. Melton George Piper, 58, of Warrenton, fell from a ladder following a explosion ignited by cleaning materials. Two other workers suffered second-degree burns.

Three killed in Angel Flight crash
AUG 12, BROOKFIELD, MA -- Three people were killed Tuesday when a small plane crashed in Easton, MA. Joe Baker, a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight Northeast, was transporting Robert and Donna Gregory to a Boston hospital where Mr. Gregory was receiving cancer treatments. Angel Air, a non-profit organization based in New Andover, MA, provides no-cost flights to those in need of medical treatment. Family and friends say Mr. Baker, who was also an employee at McCaffrey Realty, was an active church-goer and "phenomenal community member." He is survived by his wife and three children.

Construction worker hit by crane
AUG 12, ATLANTIC, IA -- Michael Williams, 25, of Cherokee, was directing a crane near a bridge on Interstate 80 Tuesday afternoon when its counter-weight hit him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Freeway construction worker hit by car
AUG 12, YUCAIPA, CA -- A freeway construction contractor died at Loma Linda University Medical Center of injuries sustained early Tuesday morning. Eliseo Oropeza, 54, of Colton, was carrying materials to the job site when he was hit by a vehicle exiting Interstate 10. A hard worker, Mr. Oropeza worked for Riverside Construction for 20 years, a job his son said that he loved. "The guy was always there. He was a stellar employee," said a coworker. "He knew all aspects of our trade. I'm not good with words but I can't say enough about him." Mr. Oropeza is survived by his wife and three adult children. "I wanted to be like him. I still do," said his son Cirilo Oropeza, 23.

Store employee killed in robbery
AUG 12, DAYTON, OH -- A 33-year old employee of Kwik and Kold Drive Through was killed early Tuesday morning as he was leaving work. The employee, an immigrant from Morocco, was approached by a robber who shot him at least three times when he did not give the robber what he wanted. The victim was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, but died not long thereafter.

Robber kills restaurant owner
AUG 12, WARREN, OH-- The owner of a family-operated diner well-known in town for its "homey" feel was shot and killed Tuesday morning by a robber. Fred A. DeVengecie was 89. His son and diner co-operator, Anthony DeVengecie, 71, was also seriously injured and remains in critical condition. Of Fred, a family member said: “He was a figure in this town all of his life." A SWAT team surrounded the building but were unable to apprehend the shooter.

Road construction worker killed by rock roller
AUG 12, KNOX COUNTY, TN -- A "model employee" of Harrison Construction for more than 20 years, Ray H. Ogle, 58, of Seymour, died Tuesday after he was thrown from and then pinned under a rock roller. Investigators say Ogle was using the rock roller to compact gravel when it toppled over. Ogle was not wearing a seat belt, and was thrown from the vehicle, which then landed on him. He died of his injuries at University of Tennessee Medical Center.


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