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Weekly Toll: August 27- September 2, 2008

UPDATED 9/17/08 5:30 PM

Landscaper killed while cutting down tree

SEPT 2, HUNTINGTON, NY -- Glorismel Gonzalez, 41, owner of GMG Lawn and Garden Services, was cutting a limb off a tree he had been contracted to take down on Tuesday when the rope he was using got wrapped around the tree, pressing him up against it. The weight of the limb apparently crushed him.

Former employee killed ex-boss

SEPT 2, PETERSBURG, AK -- Witnesses say a former employee of B&G Business Storage confronted his former boss in the business's driveway this morning. Peter Baron, 44, pulled out a 12-guage shot gun and shot Helen Shear, 40, before turning the gun on himself. Ms. Shear at one point owned the business with her ex-husband. They terminated Mr. Baron's employment this spring.

Water truck driver killed

SEPT 2, TRUCKEE, CA -- A water truck travelling along a U.S. Forest Service Road went off the road Tuesday, rolled over, and caught on fire. The driver of a logging truck called California Highway Patrol to report the single vehicle accident. The driver, trapped inside the cab, was burned beyond recognition. Police say he will have to be identified by dental charts, which could take weeks.

Sheriff's deputy, 2 construction workers killed

SEPT 2, ALGER, WA -- Skagit County Sheriff's Deputy Anne Jackson, 40, was one of six people shot and killed Tuesday afternoon by a mentally ill gunman who had recently been released from jail. Ms. Jackson was on patrol when she responded to a report of trespassing. An animal lover, Ms. Jackson worked for Skagit County in 2002 for an animal control job before being promoted to deputy. "You wouldn't believe how hard she worked to become a deputy," said a close friend. Also killed were two nearby construction workers, David Thomas Radcliffe and Gregory Neil Gillum both of Mount Vernon.

Farmer killed by bull

SEPT 1, WAUSAU, WI -- Gary Fenhaus, 49, was working on his farm Monday when he was gored and trampled by his 1200-pound bull. He was found unconscious by his wife, who had become worried when she noticed that other cows and horses in the field seemed disturbed. There were no witneesses to the attack. Police said they shot the bull when they arrived because it would not allow them to approach Mr. Fenhaus.

Three killed in firefighting air tanker crash

SEPT 1, RENO, NV -- An air tanker on its way to drop flame retardant on a California forest fire crashed within seconds of taking off from Reno-Stead airport this evening. All three members of the aerial firefigthing crew were killed: Captain Calvin “Gene” Wahlstrom, 61, First Officer Greg “Gonzo” Gonsioroski, 41, and airplane mechanic Zachary Vander Griend, 25,

Pilot killed in crash

AUG 31, CAMARILLO, CA -- Marc Fioni, 53, the pilot of a banner-towing air plane, was killed Sunday morning when his plane crashed at Camarillo Airport. Mr. Fioni was "trying to pick up an aerial advertising banner ... when the plane nosed over at the end" of the runway, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.

Worker killed at nightclub

AUG 31, PEORIA, IL -- Teddy Jackson, 26, was shot in the head early Sunday while working at The Rock. Mr. Jackson had taken the job to support his two children, aged six and eight, but had recently begun looking for new work because he said the club was getting too violent. Two other men were injured in the attack and are recovering. A suspect was arrested Monday, September 1st.

Exotic dancer found dead

AUG 31, WATERBURY, CT -- A 21-year old exotic dancer was found unconscious in the bathroom at Mr. Happy's Cafe, a strip club. She was taken the Waterbury Hospital, where she died Sunday. There are no signs of foul play; authorities believe she may have died of a drug overdose. The club has had a number of police and fire calls in the past.

Road worker hit by car

AUG 30, HOUSTON, TX -- A Texas Department of Transportation worker, David Hall, 42, was working with a road cleanup crew when he was hit by a car and killed. An off-duty police officer chased after the car and stopped it after a quarter mile. The driver has been charged with intoxication manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid.

Man killed in accident

AUG 30, WEST VALLEY CITY, UT -- Peter Koons, 21, of West Jordan, was helping a driver attach a semi to a trailer Saturday morning. When the driver was backing the trailer into place, Mr. Koons somehow became caught between the semi and the trailer and was crushed. He died at the scene.

Two workers dead after chemical exposure

AUG 30, ST. LOUIS, MO -- Two workers died and several others were hospitalized Saturday after a barrell containing nitroaniline was dropped at the Ro Corporation and the white powder went all over the workers. Nitroaniline, commonly used in synthesizing dyes, antioxidants, gasoline, poultry medicines, and pharmaceuticals, may cause vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, respiratory arrest as well as other symptoms. The victims, some of whom drove themselves to the hospital, reportedly had blue skin. Two emergency rooms shut down for fear that others could become contaminated.

VFW volunteer murdered

AUG 29, PHILADELPHIA, PA-- Enor "Ray" Williams, 78, a volunteer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) was pistol-whipped and then shot in the face Friday evening on the porch of the VFW post in Strawberry Mansion. The motive for the attack is still unknown. Friends and family say Mr. Williams, a veteran of the Korean War, worked to help veterans and the homeless.

2 killed when train hits truck

AUG 29, MEDFORD, OK -- Two Union Pacific crew members: Larry Benny Williams, a conductor from Oklahoma City, and engineer Richard D. Parvis, an engineer from Anadarko, were killed Friday morning when a freight train crashed into a propane tanker. The crash generated a massive explosion. Investigators say the two crew members saw the tanker, honked, and hit the emergency brake, but could not stop the crash that resulted in their deaths. The director of Enid and Garfield County Emergency Management, Mike Honigsberg, said their last actions "probably prevented another major catastrophe", as they stopped the train from becoming a runaway. The driver of the truck was airlifted to a hospital in Kansas with third-degree burns over more than half of his body.

WV explosion kills one

AUG 28, INSTITUTE, WV -- An explosion at the Bayer CropScience plant Thursday evening killed one worker and sent another to the hospital with severe burns. Barry Withrow, 45, a "model employee" of the plant for 25 years, was killed in the explosion, which sent fireballs hundreds of feet into the air. OSHA and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board are investigating. An EPA spokesperson said the chemical involved in the explosion, methyl isobutyl ketone, is very flammable but not very toxic.

Garage repair worker killed at work

AUG 28, BERWYN, IL -- Michael Waychoff, 33, a worker who did occasional odd jobs for Metro Garage, was killed Thursday while attempting to inspect the brakes on a semi. Police said Mr. Waychoff was lying on the floor of the garage in front of the cab's tires when he asked another worker to turn on the engine to test for air leaks. The coworker did so, not realizing that the semi was in gear, and the semi lurched forward onto Mr. Waychoff's chest and abdomen. He was taken to the hospital but pronounced dead not long thereafter.

Sign worker dies

AUG 28, RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA -- A sign-worker working on an electrical circuit on the roof of a building was found unconscious Thursday night, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The death of David Wayne Williams, 37, of Palm Springs, is being investigated. A spokesperson from CalOSHA said they believe he may have been electrocuted.

Man killed in tractor accident

AUG 28, SAVANNAH, TN -- Jackie Alexander, 64, was driving a farm tractor when it went out of gear and began to roll down a steep embankment. Mr. Alexander tried to brake, but the tractor went off the road and rolled over him. He was pinned underneath the tire of a bush-hog that was attached.

Hazmat worker dies

AUG 28, SCHENECTADY, NY -- Two employees of Precision Industrial Maintenance, Inc., were attempting to repair a sewage vacuum in the back of a sewage truck Tuesday when they were overcome by hydrogen sulfide fumes and had to be hospitalized. One of the two workers died Thursday. This accident has raised questions about the safety record of this company, which was cited and fined by OSHA as recently as March.

Pilot killed in crash

AUG 28, NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV -- William Leahy, Jr., 38, of Redwood City, CA, was killed Thursday when his plane crashed into the garage of a home just a half-mile from the airport in North Las Vegas. He was the only person on board. The five people who were in the house at the time of the crash all escaped without serious injury. Mr. Leahy, who came from a family of pilots, owned his own business, Leahy Aviation, which ferries small planes overseas to small countries around the world.

Construction worker killed by a snap tie

AUG 27, TAMPA, FL -- Construction worker Rafael Villasenor Cazares, 28, died from injuries sustained Wednesday while working at a 36-story high-rise known as The Element. Investigators say a 1/8" x 20" snap tie, used to hold forms together while cement is poured, fell 26 stories and pierced Mr. Cazares' helmet and head. OSHA is investigating the incident.

Oil well explosion kills worker

AUG 27, BRISTOW, OK -- Christopher Hyde, of Stroud, was part of a team sealing an oil well with cement Wednesday morning when oil and natural gas began spewing from the well and a fire was ignited. Mr. Hyde, who was standing on a platform, was forced to jump. Three other workers were hospitalized with severe burns.

Farmer killed in tractor overturn

AUG 27, XENA, IL -- Clair R. Land, 68, was driving a tractor with a front bucket when the tractor overturned in a ditch, trapping him underneath. It took rescue personnel over one hour to free him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pool technician found dead

AUG 27, HAZELWOOD, MO -- A swimming pool technician employed by Pro Pool Services was found dead today at the Chez Paree Apartment Complex. Police said the 48-year old worker was found in eight feet of water dressed in full scuba gear. It was unclear whether he died from an equipment malfunction or a medical condition.

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