Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boyd and the Gang

A while back I posted Numbers Are Up! Since the beginning the families of Richard Luzier, Travis Koehler and David Snow have fought for real answers and justice. The families have posted most of their journey here

The Luzier's, Koehler's (killed) and Snow's (injured) family have endured heartbreak and tragedy and if was not enough they suffered the botched system. Debi was featured in a LasVegas Sun article Feds second-guess state OSHA U.S. agency says it would not have weakened citations in Orleans deaths.

"Koehler’s mother, Debi Fergen filed a complaint with the federal office. The complaint, known as a CASPA, compels the federal agency to investigate." Federal agents confirmed what the family knew all along in a DOL Document.

To be honest I was more than disappointed with it all. First of all there were a loads of excuses and suggestions which do squat as we all know from experience. Oh I did forget that the Nevada OSHA is suppose to respond within 30 days. That really is wonderful another colorful page for us in 30 days.

Atha’s letter will be sent to the district attorney’s and state attorney general’s offices but the district attorney said unless Nevada OSHA refers the case it will not happen so what are the odds here? The attorney general's office said Monday the investigation into the involvement of top department officials in the case is still under way.

So lets see where we are now...seems like the same old bla bla bla.

Gov. Jim Gibbons’ who gained $45,000 from Boyd Gaming and related interests in his 2006 race for governor and nearly $40,000 in his congressional campaigns dating to 1996. Elliott, director of the Business and Industry Department, which includes OSHA (talk about a conflict of interest), Cornwall, Gov. Gibbon’s chief operating officer and Roger Bremner, the administrator for the Industrial Relations Division, who directly oversees OSHA. So the final decision left out the original OSHA investigator Involved in the negotiation were Coffined, Elliott and Bremner, whose of Industrial Relations Division oversees OSHA and reports to Elliott. from Numbers are up

Not one of them will see much and they will wait until it dies down and try to wear the families down. These family's will not give in.

I am so discussed with it all. I sat at this crazy computer and wondered what the heck is going on. The facts are there??? What else has to be done? It's out and everyone knows. Do we have to write the bigger check? Do they forget were they get their checks? Or is it that they need a reality check? Oh I forgot they create there own.

God bless you all and keep up the good fight because people notice and elections are soon!

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