Thursday, September 18, 2008

Committee on Education and Labor

I was unable to view the hearing live and was only just now able to get access to the archived webcast. This issue is literally a grave mistake. You really must take an interest in this issue and act upon it. (Keep in mind that you will not gain all information’s by reading the written testimonies)

In Dr. Monforton’s testimony she first addressed why individuals may be confused as to why there is so much controversy over the DOL endeavors to gain requirements for risk assessment and then proceeded to state...

Our nation’s system for protecting workers from harmful substances that cause injuries, illnesses, and deaths is paralyzed. Thousands of workers are exposed every day to chemical compounds and physical hazards that are known to be harmful, yet these exposures are permitted by outdated or non-existent OSHA and MSHA standards. Hazards such as respirable coal mine dust and crystalline silica, diesel particulate, and noise, to name just a few, have damaged the health of generations of workers and continue to do harm today – even though we have known about these problems for decades. The Department of Labor’s record over the last 20 years is dismal with respect to issuing health standards to protect workers from these age-old contaminants, and it is particularly appalling for emerging health hazards.”

And what a jerk, Randel Johnson Vice President U.S. Chamber of Commerce is but then again you all know how I feel about that group. To view what the US Chamber of Commerce wants ofr you. Lord have mercy if they are not stopped.

Workforce Protections Subcommittee: "Secret Rule: Impact of the Department of Labor's Worker Health Risk Assessment Proposal"
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This hearing examined the Department of Labor’s last-minute proposal that would dramatically weaken future workplace health standards and further slow their enactment. The department allowed only 30 days for comment on the proposal and would not hold public hearings.
Chairwoman Woolsey's Opening Statement »
Archived Webcast »

Witness Testimony:

Randel Johnson Vice PresidentU.S. Chamber of Commerce

Celeste Monforton, PhD, MPH The George Washington University School of Public Health

Margaret “Peg” Seminario Director of the Department of Occupational Health and SafetyAFL-CIO

Leon Sequeira Assistant U.S. Labor Secretary for Policy

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