Friday, October 24, 2008

NASP Safety Awards

Anyone may make nominations to the NASP or IASP "Hall of Heroes". The Hall of Heroes are those who have been awarded a Safety Award or a Certificate of Honorable Mention by the National or International Association of Safety Professionals.

The Specific Awards Given By NASP and IASP Include:

The Medal of Honor
This award requires the direct saving of a life, through extreme personal risk or exceptional effort.

The Medal of Valor
This award requires the direct saving of a human life, the attempt to save a human life, or the remedy of a hazard that was likely to cause death or serious physical harm, while under significant personal risk or against such great odds as to exhibit valor.

The Medal of Merit
This award requires a contribution to human safety so exceptional as to warrant national recognition.

Life Saving Award
This award requires the saving of a human life through the use of CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, or an approved means of rescue.

The Outstanding Service Award
This award requires a demonstrated commitment to human safety with quantifiable results, that distinguishes the recipient as one who has made exceptional effort above and beyond that normally expected of a person in a comparable position. Or, those nominated for the The Medal of Honor, The Medal of Valor, or The Medal of Merit whose actions are not deemed by NASP as sufficient to warrant the Medal, but who are deemed by IASP or NASP to warrant recognition.

You can get further details on NASP's web site

I am honored to have one of NASP's awards from 2005 and it is up again. It really is a beautiful presentation and all too often we forget those who put their heart and soul into making a difference. Take a few moments to let them know how much you appreciate them and how proud of their work you truly are!

This is a wonderful group who’s focus is set in safety culture and are always willing to extend a hand when it is needed. If you haven't visited their site or need great training take a few moments to see what they have to offer.

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