Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tell EPA to Protect Our Food FromThe Toxic Pesticide Endosulfan

Public Comment Period Ends Monday.

Please Take Action Today!

In February 2008, thousands of UFW supporters joined us and signed a petition asking the EPA to ban Endosulfan--an antiquated and dangerous pesticide. We've got their attention, but we need your help to make sure they actually take action to protect the public.

The EPA opened a new public comment period regarding this deadly pesticide. The UFW is again working with a coalition of our environmental friends to turn in a joint petition on Monday to show the EPA how concerned we are. Please take action today by signing this petition and demanding that the EPA ensures that no residues of endosulfan are found in food sold in the U.S.

Endosulfan is one of the most commonly detected residues in our national food supply. It persists in the environment and travels on wind and water currents to areas far from its use. It is acutely toxic and easily absorbed by the human body. Low levels of exposure in the womb have been linked to autism, male reproductive harm and other birth defects. The lethal chemical has been linked to dozens of accidental deaths. It is an organochlorine--which means it persists in our environment long after it has killed the target pests--thus leaving a deadly legacy for people and wildlife.

When we are successful in banning this poison, we will protect both farmworkers and consumers.
The European Union and several other countries have already banned endosulfan as less dangerous alternatives are available. It's time the U.S. does its part to protect communities and the environment from this toxic pollutant.

It is vital that we get as many signatures as possible. Please sign the petition today and then immediately forward this petition to as many friends as possible.

Thank you!

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