Thursday, October 23, 2008

What about Mike, the plumber?

One of my girls has a little something to say. Got to love her, she is a real tropper and wonderful spirit. It's people like her that make it worth it and get things done!

October 23, 2008

There's been a lot of talk about Joe, the plumber lately. What about Mike, the plumber? For the last three years, I have been sharing the loss of my step-dad, Mike, the plumber, in hopes that something will change! You see, he was killed at work when a trench collapsed on him while he was working to install a sewer line for a marina in St. Petersburg, FL. He was 48 years old. The company he worked for did not supply him with a trench box and there was no sloping or shoring in the trench. Had his employer followed regulations, Mike would not have been buried to his chest and crushed to death. He remained conscious while coworkers and rescuers tried to dig him out. Then when the rescue chief arrived and feared the trench would collapse again, everyone was ordered out. Mike was left alone in the ditch with oxygen tubes and a shovel. He had to try to unbury himself while he was internally bleeding to death and trapped in thousands of pounds of dirt. He died alone in that trench within an hour.

The company, which had faced prior serious violations from OSHA, was fined around $20,000, which I believe was later reduced. They continue to do business. Meanwhile, my mother and my family continue to grieve. There are people in power who want change; there are members of Congress who want workers to be protected; there are members of Congress who support the Protecting America's Workers Act. Barack Obama has cosponsored this bill. John McCain has not. I want a leader who will fight for workers' rights and safety. Sixteen workers lose their lives on the job in the U.S. each day! Nearly 6,000 workers are killed on the job each year in our country. Millions are injured and become ill on the job every year! These are preventable deaths, injuries and illnesses.

Please join me this November in voting for Barack Obama for President and for real change for America’s workers and families.

Warmly and in Loving Memory of Charles “Mike” Morrison,
Michelle Lewis
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your lost and I am definitely going to place my vote for Obama. I know that nothing can replace the lost of your father. I found this site by mistake, researching the Bethlehem Steel Action Group. I lost my dad too in a job related injury and feel that something needs to be done. Please know that I am praying that your father will be lifted up when Jesus returns and rules from Zion. I study his word at this site has changed the way I feel about this world and I hope that perhaps you will listen on the Sabbath and grow strong in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

karingwiz said...

Its a very very sad way to die. I hope he has peace and I hope you do too. Remember, life is short, and think positively, and good things come to you. Please look at THE SECRET, on video or book, to find out more about the law of attraction. KarinG

Mike The Plumber said...

I am very sory for your loss as well you see I am Mike The Plumber from Joshua Tree California and it tears me apart that a tragity of this nature could possibly even happen when there are safety requirements and precautions that the company should have mandated.

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