Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What Does it Take?

Some seem to be above the law and a license to kill not only the prisoners but their own corrections officers and the hired hand. McNeil Island exposed 18 people to asbestos while removing vinyl tile held in place by toxic cement on 3 separate project and guess what they got a whopping $28,400 fine for two “willful” and seven “serious” violations.

Although McNeil Island knew of asbestos dangers they felt the rules didn’t apply in this case, this one inadequacy was not consistent with their normal procedures, it will never happen again, they are sorry and let’s not forget they are disputing the fines and violations.
I really don’t understand why people are still not taking asbestos serious. Although there were two supervisors trained and certified in remaining asbestos and concerns were raised, they still ignored the warnings. I suppose I could even understand if it was a group of young adults who seem to think life is forever but these people seemed to have a death wish and the sad thing is they didn’t care if they took others with them.

Sometimes I feel if we just get the word out but that isn’t always enough. What does it take, I have no clue but I do know they shouldn’t have gotten off so easy they should have been put out of commission. I am pretty sure those prisoners will not be allowed to carry a gun when they are released so why let the companies keep their weapon. Regardless of what the article and others feel this has the potential to affect not just those 18 but also their families. There may be a baby out there somewhere that has lost the workplace wars and the mother holding it has no clue.
Well as if there hasn’t been enough info out there the entails what when wrong and you can view it in full here

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