Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dollar Tree Says No Payout for Murdered Worker Because Crime Was Racially Motivated

Family Fights 'Ridiculous' Benefit Denial
Nov 25, Fairfield, CA,
It was
Taneka Talley's greatest wish to see her son head off to college. It was why she took extra shifts at work and set her sights on promotions. A store withholds benefits for son of employee who was fatally stabbed.
But she was stabbed to death in the Fairfield, Calif., Dollar Tree where she worked in March 2006, by a white man who reportedly attacked her simply because she was black.
Now, Talley's mother is fighting to get her daughter's workers compensation death benefits, which, according to the family's lawyer, have been denied because the killer's targeting her as a black person established a "personal connection" that the company says releases them from having to pay.
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