Thursday, November 27, 2008

Media downplays the death of yet another Obayashi employee.

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In my mind there is absolutely nothing worse than listening to the way most of the media has become accustom to downplaying the significance of a workplace fatality. This for instance is a perfect example of just what I mean.
Please watch the video for yourself before reading any further. And then come back and ask yourself the following.
If this report included all the facts about the employers (Obayashi's) history of workplace fatalities for instance there are at least 6 other Obayashi employees that come to mind who's lives were lost while working for this corporate giant on separate job site's between August of 2002 and now.
Would they recognize the need to look deeper into Obayashi's past to establish a pattern of negligence on Obayashi's part? Giving the media and the public means to acknowledge and question why this company has so many preventable fatalities in its past? Absolutely!
And would that information provide them with reason to look into and discover how each one of those fatalities were treated and pushed out of public view with the smallest bits of corporate trickery.
For over 6 years I've watched in horror as this corporate giant cut short the lives of so many of it's employees without concern for anything other than publicly blemishing their corporate name. With absolutely no regard for the families of the victims. Just the same way they have done this time.
Point being as long as they are able to have the media turn their focus to things like how many more deaths occurred during the building of the original hoover damn while throwing around statements such as the workers comprehend the great risk they take everyday then we will never be able to gain an accurate understanding of what the truth really is. That is until we ourselves are unfortunate enough to become the families or loved ones of future victims of workplace tragedies ourselves. And from there I promise you there is no way to blind yourself from the truth or convince yourself that you didn't see the warning signs.
Obayashi's history of workplace fatalities and corporate cover ups exceed the 6 fatalities that I myself am aware of As I did not include fatalities from outside the United States though there are many others.
Our Thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and loved ones who are mourning the loss of Sherman Jones,48 of Las Vegas who lost his life earlier this week while working on the Hoover Dam bypass project.

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