Sunday, December 14, 2008

Workplace Fatalities 4

This is the latest in a series of four videos to educate the public of the far to common occurrence of workplace tragedy. Another of many attempts to transform tragedy into prevention.

The hardest shoes to fill,
Belong to those we fail to acknowledge in death,
Just as we did in life.
~ Mary Vivenzi ~

Dedicated to the memories of: Officer Bradley Moody, Alex Del Rio, Andrew J. Stocks, Brian Pugh, Bryan Tuvera, Charles DeLong, Christopher Kane, Curtis Jones, Daniel Cleveland, Dave Peterson, Daymon Mumford, Dell Waugh, Donta Manuel, James Strickland, "J.T." Jeffrey Thole, John Knabenbauer,
Jonathan Beatty, Jonathan Wallace, Jorge Carmona, Joshua Scarbary, Juan Antonio Rosales-Lopez,
Kent Haws, Larry "Ric" Trimmer, Matthew White, Mazen Alwarad, Michael C. Weigand, Michael Stutsman,
Mr. Nava, Mohammed "Mike" Laktami, Norman Looper, Officer Isabel Nazario, Paul Starzyk, Sam Hicks,
Philip T. Myers, Sgt. Dario Scott Aponte, Solomon Abraham, Standra Jones, Tammy Cantrell, Mark Gerstner, Thanh Thach, Thomas S. Vander Woude, Travis Lunn, Jdimytai Damour, Wayne Jackson, William Leahy, Jr., Ernest Herrera, Edwin Thomas, H. Kevin Hollett, Jerry Rivera, Michael Chad Bourgeois
and Officer Robert Davis,

The rest of this series is available on youtube

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Juanita Griffin said...

Mary, this video has touched my soul and I cry every time I watch it, which is daily. You were wonderful enough to include my son, Jerry Rivera, who was killed in a semi truck/ train accident Dec 3rd, 2008. He was my life and I still cry almost daily. I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful dedication.

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