Saturday, February 28, 2009

The good? The bad? Or the ulterior motive?

For anyone who has a genuine interest in reforming workplace safety for the greater good of our workforce and protecting it, the story of Travis Koehler's tragic death and what followed should not be far from your mind. For those of you who are in need of the ever so quick refresher.... Back on Feb 2, 2006 while working for Boyd Gaming Travis Koehler and another coworker David Snow were ordered by one of their superiors back into an unsafe manhole where a third worker (Richard Luzier)lay unconscious in an attempt to rescue him. Sadly the attempted rescue would end even more tragically claiming the life of young Travis Koehler as well. And with David Snow just barely escaping clinging to life in critical condition from his injuries. However this would just be the beginning to what would quickly become one of Nevada's most well known cases of corruption. From illegal contributions to the reasoning behind having someone from governor Jim Gibbons office, M. Elliott sit in on OSHA hearings. For which the governors office is currently being probed by the Attorney Generals office for their involvement and actions surrounding this very unusual case. Now here's where my questioning comes in... Immediately following the news that Debi Fergen (Travis' mother) had filed suit on her son's behalf in this case. Within 24 hours the governors office had released a statement claiming that they were cleared by the Attorney Generals office of any wrongdoing by sitting in on the case. Which we would learn was untrue the following day in yet another article where the governors office made claims that the previous statement was nothing more than a simple mistake from a new employee who accidentally released an untrue statement while rushing to get his job done. Of course it doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots to see that this was nothing more then an attempt to put up a political smokescreen between the public and the upcoming trial. But the governors office has taken it a step further now when It contacted the family of Travis Koehler to announce that the Governor, Jim Gibbons, had just signed a proclamation to officially proclaim February 2, 2009, as a day to honor these two heroes, TRAVIS WAYNE KOEHLER AND DAVID A. SNOW DAY. On the one hand I for one find this to be a great thing as both these men deserve to be honored for their actions but on the other hand I just can't help but see that there is something else of not necessarily a good nature going on here. Beginning with the fact that Koehler's family was notified yet the Snow family was not. Why keep them in the dark about this? According to the governors office they simply did not know how to contact the Snow family due to a lack of correct contact information. Claiming that they had made several attempts to contact the Snow's via the telephone as well as through the mail using the last known address and telephone number of the family which by the way has not changed. So what does this all mean are we to believe that whomever was in charge of contacting the two families has a case of slight dyslexia and just miss-dialed the Snows phone number while incorrectly addressing their mail notification. Which I suppose would result in their proclamation being lost in the mail? Or is it simply that the governors office is only worried about distracting the family of Travis Koehler as they present the biggest threat in proving that the governors office is in fact guilty of helping one of their campaign's most generous financial contributors to escape justice? As much as I wish that I could have faith in good, I have seen far too much of the bad, so it has become next to impossible to prevent myself from questioning the ulterior motive. What I need now are your thoughts. Don't
let me down .



charlie said...

This death happened because no one cared. the boss did not care, the company did not care, Osha did not care and sadly the people that went into that space did not care; I will give you my reasons for my statement. First what boss would send more people into a space that could be dangerous, What kind of company employs a boss that would do such a stupid thing where was his training, I will bet he had none. Where was Osha? undermanned. Lastly why did these guys go into this space, my guess is again NO training. I work in safety for a living and I know that the deaths could have been avioded if someone just cared.

Mary said...

Thanks for the comment Charlie. For the most part everything you said I agree with, with the exception of...
"the people that went into that space did not care;" They went in because they cared but the sad fact is they were unaware of the danger they were in. And their employer should have never ordered them into the trench to begin with as the employer was aware of the danger he was putting them in.
Thanks again for your comment.

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