Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kudos Oregon

Oregon has got it down and must be listening!

“This legislation honors the memory of Oregonians who have experienced the tragedy of work place death and disabling injuries,” said Sen. Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland), chair of the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development Committee.

“We have an obligation to make sure that the loved ones left behind receive proper help in their time of need.”

Oregon's new bill will increase the allowance for funeral expenses which generally barely scratch the surface, increase assistance for a family of college aged children, and permanently disabled worker has no surviving spouse or dependent children an insurer must pay the full remainder of a disability benefit to the worker’s estate.

The Workers’ Compensation Management-Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC) was also asked to study the death benefits in the workers’ compensation system to ensure they are adequate. Anyone who has dealt with WC knows most are not.

As a matter of fact just last night I received an email from a family member who stated:

I was wondering if the problem I had is common practice, or an honest mistake. We finally heard from the lawyer that was hired by the Traveler's Insurance company who was handling the compensation package due to us from our son's death. When I received what the number she came up with I was appalled. It was less than a third of what the formula had said we were due. My husband first contacted her the day before by email, and she assured him the figure was correct because it had to be adjusted to today's dollars. I was not aware of their emails, and when I received the letter I immediately called her, and she gave me the same story. I said but come on less than a third of what we're entitled to? She said yes and that I could go to the website and see the table myself. I told her that was bullsh*t and she would be hearing from our lawyer. A few hours later, lo and behold, my husband received another email from her saying that she decided to go over the numbers again and found she had made a large error, apologized, and came up with a figure twice the original quote. We did go see our lawyer, came home, and did the figures ourselves and found she was still shorting us money. By law beneficiaries can receive the total compensation up til the day the full lump sum check is written. Only that portion is in "today's dollars" which is reduced by 8%. That figure is never changed no matter what the economy is which also is so unfair today. Just wondering how many people who may have not only lost a loved one, but possible their jobs, would have not questioned it, and taken the original sum they came up with. Any thoughts? Also I don't think it is fair that because we are parents and not dependents we can only be paid in a lump sum, the option of 400 weeks is not an option to us.

Well we all know that workers comp and any insurance provider for workers tends to play the deny game however I was informed that even attorneys are taught to lie about these situations.

I even know some who have taken it to the top and lost out. Take for instance Barbara Clark she also has a site. She lost it all during this process and continues to be in pain but no one listened. The individuals who have been involved should be ashamed and to be honest the light shed on the seventh day adventist is appalling.

I am not one to add tittles to a group of individuals however if I were an adventist I would voice my opinion.

Barb we are still thinking of you girl! Your in our prayers!

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