Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She is not alone!

The headlines read, "In Wilmington, a family keeps a lonely vigil for a dead husband and father" It may seem lonely but it is by far alone, there are at the very least 6,000 families in morning with her every year.

And her sign reads, "In loving memory of my husband Charles Johnson who died at UP from neglect."

Ground man down, they cried as Charles lay between the tracks bleeding from the back of his head, wiggling his fingers and toes. Coworkers watched as their friend lay with his life slipping away.
UP had no emergency plan and the paramedics couldn't find him right away Charles was pronounced dead at 9:15pm.

Company spokeswoman Zoe Richmond said she could not comment on workers'
specific allegations but stressed, "Safety is our No. 1 priority at Union
Pacific." The Wilmington facility, she said, has a strong safety record.

We have all heard this one before. They always say Safety is key, they must have lost the key before the incident?

Charles must have been loved by many of his coworkers as they walked off the job in protest and his family continues to bring awareness to the issue and reminds others Charles was a father and husband.

I say you go girl for all those who don't have the strength to do so themselves and Charles. You keep screaming from those mountain tops because people are listening and more are joining in everyday.

The only way to get justice for any of our loved ones is for us to get involved, tell your story until everyone has heard. You may have the door shut in you face a hundred times but then the door opens. Some one is or will listen so don't give up girl! They printed your plea and we've got your back;o)

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