Thursday, March 12, 2009

Las Vegas Hearing

Debi Fergen, testified Wednesday in Las Vegas, telling state lawmakers if they would have take her sons death more seriously and held Boyd Gaming accountable construction deaths on the Strip might have been prevented Debbie said, “For that reason, I lay some of those deaths at the feet of Nevada OSHA,”
Debbie describes her sons last words, “I got his head up, get me a rope, I can’t do this alone,” These words are what Debbie had to holds on to now, this is what gives her; her fight! Being a family member I know how important these things are no matter how horrid it may seem Travis spoke them with his last breath. With his last breath he was trying to save a live that could never be saved and Boyd knew this. They sent Travis to an early grave and they only ones who seem to have to live with this is his family. The sad thing is they will never know what they have really done because they are too worried about covering their butts. We love you Debbie and you are in our hearts and prayers.

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