Saturday, April 11, 2009

Events and Infor for Workers Memorial Day


Both the Senate and house will be holding meeting that will feature family members on April 28th. the Senate will more than likely have ERT, Dr. Celeste Monforton and Myself. The House will have Becky Foster. Watch for updates!

2009 Workers Memorial Day Poster

This year’s poster was created by Joanna Gonzalez who lost her father, Ray was killed at BP. You can read about Joanna's artful inspiration and what the family had to say the page is still in the works so check back often to see if an event in your area has been posted as well as comments from Joanna's family. Workers Memorial Day events will be listed here. Please keep in mind that all the information below will be updated for 2009.

Workers Memorial Day Poems are listed here


There are a few other good sources for information and some of my favorites are:

Hazards carry the mega list of WMD evens from around the world, they have a section just for WMD here and plenty of fliers and images for you to chose from for WMD here. A few other great organizations Hazards are affiliated with are: TUC 28 April webpages, Families against corporate killers FACK, and CCA- Centre for Corporate Accountability.

AFL-CIO has released there WMD Materials which include: Fliers, Posters, Clip Art (English/Spanish), Proclamation, S&H Updates, Death on the job and annual study, Workers Memorials, and Poems &Tributes.

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