Saturday, April 25, 2009


Wow can't get much better than this! Unless the States pick it up.

We were ask some time back if the Family Bill of Rights could be used and they are putting it to good work.


Currently, the Occupational Health and Safety Act allows the Police, the Minister of Labour, the Company and Joint Health and Safety Committees to conduct investigations where there is a fatality or critical injury in the workplace.
The Act is the basic legal authority which states general duty requirements and principles. ( The workplace parties does not include families.)
The rights to independant investigations by the families or family representatives is not allowed.
Nor are the families allowed to receive any of the above investigative reports.
Any rights are not extended to the families in any way.
Even at a Coroners Inquest, the families are not allowed to present any evidence that may have been obtained outside of the "official" investigations.
Due to the fact that family does not have any rights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the only way that a family may even be allowed to view the accident scene is through the permission of the employer.

We know that is not going to happen.

The Workplace Fatalities Family Bill of Rights aims to change that.

We beleive that the familiy should have complete access to all information and we are proposing a bill to the Government of Ontario to change that and ensure that the family does have access to all investigation reports.

It is critical that the familiy has this information so they can make an informed decisions as to what the next step is. ( for instance if there is negligence involved ).

We expect to have our final draft of the Bill to be completed shortly and presented to the government for the fall sitting.

We ask for your support in this project and will provide updates as to our progress.

Thank you.

The Workplace Fatality Familiy Bill of Rights Committee.

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