Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Family Fighting for Justice and Reform

Every family or friend who contacts me has a gut wrenching account and it is always a reminder of why I started doing what I do. We often find families who are not willing to just lay down and accept the injustice involved in the process. Sheri's family and friends have put together an amazing memorial and appeal located here.

Sheharbano "Sheri" Sangji, 23 was bright and beautiful. Sheri made friends wherever she went and was respected by many. Sheri had been on working at UCLA just 3 months but it was a dream job, she loved the idea of working the university.

Only three months into her job in the lab, Sheri was extracting t-butyl lithium into a syringe and when when the syringe broke and a of flash fire engulfed her sweeter. sheri spent 18 days in a burn unit with third-degree burns over 43% of her body. I don't really know the details however I have been there and know how excruciating it can be to have to see your loved one in this condition. Such a beautiful young women and a loss to many.

"It was totally preventable," said Neal Langerman, a San Diego consultant "Poor training, poor technique, lack of supervision and improper method. This was just not the right way to transfer these things," Langerman said. "She died, didn't she? It speaks for itself."

Her father, Shaukat Sangji "They say time will heal, but I know for sure nothing can heal this," he said. "This has completely destroyed our lives forever."

CalOSHA issued UCLA's violations totaling $31875.00 for Having no records of Health and safety training for occupational exposure to hazards chemicals in laboratories, failing to provide an injury and illness program, occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratory, failing to provide protective equipment.

Shari's family and friends are devastated but the are determined to find answers and keep this from happening to another worker and family.

  1. You can follow them on Facebook and
  2. Sign this petition to support a comprehensive investigation:
  3. Write/Call Your Senators: As citizens and taxpayers you can request a comprehensive investigation. They have done all the work with sample letter so take a few moments. We all have been there and needed the help so return the favor, please.

We will also be writing to the CSB to encurrage them to start investigating these type of things so look for it.

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Peter said...

Thank you for posting this--I encourage all of you, sign the petition.

Right now, UCLA is filing for legal action to prevent ANY liability, despite the total lack of safety, emergency, and technical training.

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