Friday, June 05, 2009

Brave New Films

Brave New Films has an awesome site and if you haven't done so check it out.

I would suggest keeping an eye out for a feature you will not want to miss.

Not only do they produce shorts but they give you many opportunities to get involved. They first provide a short then other accompanying videos, facts, press and campaigns to write your congressmen and women or others involved.

Brave New Films also want to know if you have ever shot a YouTube video? Want to make a difference? Brave New Films is building a national network of Video Activists - people armed with a camera, a laptop, and a cool idea. Capture and submit compelling stories that you want told. Now is the time to put your creativity and consciousness to good use. Brave New Films seeks volunteers from all over to embark upon an exciting journey where you're the director and the world is your audience. 'Do Something' with your creativity, help build a new movement with video activism!

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