Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard

After much debate from one of the Companies that had a Combustible Dust Explosion in 2003 the CSB has produced a new video "Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard"

It really is amazing and a little emotional if you have a family member that was involved. The CSB did a terrific job of putting Combustible Dust in perspective. This should be sent to every industry that could potentially have a dust hazard. This video shows in detail the three combustible dust explosion in 2003 that spurred an extensive investigation and push for reform in the House and Senate for OSHA oversight and regulations.

Stated in the CSB's in a news release "No company wants to see its facility blown up and destroyed and its employees killed,” CSB Chairman John Bresland says in the video. “But they just don't understand what the hazard is, they don't realize that they
have a hazard here, until that one day when the explosion occurs, and it's a
terrible tragedy for them. And they look back and say, ‘If we'd only known.’”

The video is wonderful for awareness but unfortunately this will not be enough. We do need an OSHA standard so that there is a clear set of guidelines for the companies who really want to insure safety and for the ones who get by thinking their near misses are a part of the job...well there would be no room for that type of attitude.

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