Sunday, July 19, 2009

"My Brother Did Not Die In Vain" by Donna Puleio

Mike Stout is an artist, a community leader and activist and a true spokesman for the working class who justly deserves his title “the World’s grievance man’”. He has toured Europe and the US, and has produced many CD’s delivering his message of solidarity through his music. Mike wrote this song and performed it live at Workers Memorial Day In Pittsburgh. This song is about my brother, Gary Puleio, who was killed on August 15, 2001 due to unsafe working conditions. Gary was killed on the job at Meadville redi-Mix concrete plant He had been employed there only 3 months as a cement truck driver and fell 25 feet to his death, from a cement tower, while shoveling gravel off the hopper to clean it. The company claimed Gary just wandered up there on his own, without wearing any safety equipment, at the end of his driving shift rather than being assigned this dangerous task because he was the “new man”.
~Donna Puleio

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